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⚠ Rant maybe some cussing ⚠ This makes me so mad! I understand that everyone has opinions, it's human nature to have them, but BEAST just had their comeback and you go and post this crap?! "Tbh beast sounds better without Hyunseung" No that's not cool. I understand that he left and was acting shady when he was with the group, always missing events and appearing as if he dislikes being there, but that doesn't mean that you should post a comment about Hyunseung on a comeback mv of the sane group that just lost said member! What is wrong with you! The fandom is still upset about the departure because most of us have been with them since debut! This is seven to eight years we have been connected with these boys and seen them grow. Seven to eight years that we got to live these boys individually and as a group together! Again I accept that this is her opinion, and everyone has so many fucking opinions, but why. Why did you have to place this negative opinion on a comeback of the group that lost a member. Of course I looked at the responding comments, holy shit there was a lot, and it's an all out partial war. Everyone is either agreeing, disagreeing, or saying something like, "I don't want to say it's true but...." No stop. You want to say it's true because you just posted it. You could have looked at it, then scrolled away. But no, you posted your comment. I know this rant is a stupid one to get mad over, but I have a reason and that reason was because I felt bad for BEAST. They have to be reminded of the fact that one of their group mates left day in and day out. How do you think they feel? They've trained with him, they've eaten with him, they've played games with him, they've done so many things with him for seven to eight years that they must be torn up. Yeah they don't show it, because they are professionals, and they are getting on with their life because they need to, but that doesn't mean they need to keep being reminded of something like this. It's already bad enough that CUBE Entertainment doesn't support all of their artists and that Yoseob had to personally call them out on their mistakes, but now they have to see fans like these? Unbelievable. There's also comments about how people are now magically liking beast now that Hyunseung is gone. Like wtf. Bish is you blind!? THAT'S RUDE! Anyway I'm done ranting about this. Once again I understand that this is her/his opinion, but some opinions shouldn't be said. That's what I was trying to get at and if it came off as rude then I'm sorry. But something's are better left unsaid.
Sighs, just sighs. They aren't worth losing your temper over tbh. They could just be a HS stan that's bitter or someone who never liked HS. But I'm sure that someone who calls themselves a Beauty would not say that. Yes, HS was never at the top of my bias list but that didn't mean I didn't love him and appreciate and enjoy his presence. Our beauty babo is now pursuing his own career and it seems like the other members are also having a hard time, if one were to look at their Twitter and instagram posts. So just support our boys no matter what. Soloist or group, and ignore the haters because BEAST needs all the love they can get.
that isn't a true fan there.
@AbbyRamey It truly is. They don't deserve this and it irritates me
wow ignorant...*sighs*
I saw this one....