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OMG GUYS! The concert was the best concert I have EVER been to... from both kpop and non kpop concerts... this concert was seriously the best. And in case you were wondering Got7's concert was my 4th kpop concert.
My friend who came with me got these pics for me... she knew I really wanted em so she got them for me while I was holding my JB sign.
More GOT7... you can never have too much GOT7 in your life...
She got me so many pics of JB... I almost cried when she showed me. She is such a good friend!
So we sat in the section called "Kings Row Left" which was the first row in the upper sections... I kid you not when half the boys entered through the doors (on our side) to go thru the crowd we could literally see them sooooo good! My goodness Jackson is SEXY! I wish I could share the videos she got on here without youtube... but I guess that will have to wait until later... All I know is this concert confirmed my undying love for JB.... and that I scream really loud. LOL! I hope JB saw my sign for him :( And I hope the boys have fun and stay safe on the rest of their tour... And of course... I GOT TO MEET MY K-MONSTA SQUAD!!!! HAHA BEST DAY EVER!!!!

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

awe i wish youngjae coulda been at our show but im thankful they let him rest! @KpopQueenaBee
mine was last night and it was amazing... im so glad young jae was there even tho he was still recovering he did a wonderful job. he even did his solo with JB it was amazing.
@ShailaZaman Hahahaha you really did!! I'll try not to I don't want them to think I'm weird but if for some reason Jackson or Mark go missing...... I had nothing to do with it! :p
the concert was so much fun and I'm so glad that we got to meet it was so fun hanging out with the K-Monsta squad
oh that's exciting @emhoover1993 I wish i could have met them. I was trying for p1 tickets but they sold out by the time i was let on the site to buy tickets 😣 Lol you should totally tell JB i love him... you would be like the bestest person ever if you did. 😉 lol.
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