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Favourite iKon song: So if I may speak freely, there isn't just one. It's more like 3 however my current obsession lately (bc I just saw the MV for it) is "Just Go". I was soooo being judgy with everything happening but then I looked up the translation and stuff...yeah this is it. (Extremely lengthy)!!! Sorry not sorry..Fair Warning
The "is not the MV" music video and the lyric video (Hangul, romantized and English) This song is all type of feels.
Día 3: Favourite iKon music video..... Okis okis so I actually have two. 1) Rhythm Ta *video below lol*
2) 오늘 모해 (#WYD) *link below*
@Sammie99522 lol how did you know 🙄 @VKookie47 jaja yass it's like he's grunting 😍😍 @twistedPuppy it is though lol
rolf ikon to many day Challenge xD
@Sammie99522 no lol dude block b has 30 days @IsoldaPazo
@IsoldaPazo 😂 well you sent me gif to rhythm ta and I knew you liked wyd so 😂 @twistedPuppy the other ones have more day though Vinny 😂
I love the way Bobby says Rhythm Ta, sorry I'm weird I literally look forward to it 😅💙
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