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❥ Hello Everyone! It is I, your friendly resident JenNak ♡

❥ Hello Everyone! It is I, your friendly resident JenNak ♡

❥ I will be representing Jenissi, your favourite Dimpled Rapper. . .

❥ & Nakta of the group. So, I am also your favorite tall tree. ♡

❥ I will be bringing you lovely things of NakJen. Spams, videos, NakJen Ship. . You name it, I bring it.

A little about me:

❥ I'm pretty awesome, most of the time. ❥ Jenissi took my heart ♡ ❥ Nakta did too. ❥ I like to help, so my presence will be seen alot ♡ Everyone gets a pet name from me. Cause precious babies.

☆ You probably have seen me around the VIXX, B.A.P, Cross Gene Community, and many more. Surprise, it's me. The one that is a legit goofball. Your eyes don't deceive you.

❥ I like to creep in the shadows.

The other many Groups I adore are: Cross Gene VIXX B.A.P HIGH 4 BTOB SHINee EXO Madtown Mr.Mr.

Monsta X Hotshot JJCC & MANY More.

❥ I will be posting on Wednesdays. These boys will get lots of love, as well as Wednesdays becoming Winsome Wednesdays

❥ I will be bringing Feels ♡

Thank you so much @MrsJungHoseok for allowing me to help you and the other lovely ladies. ♡

If you would like to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment below ♡

❥ Topp Dogg Tagg ❥

❣ Topp Klass Mod & Support ❣

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@AimeeH I'll try not too xD
@MrsJungHoseok Okay! Cause I'd feel bad for killing You!
Congratulations!! 😁 I'm so ready to get sucked into this fandom! lol & to learn more about ToppDogg (why am I so excited??) 😆
@MonAnnahiX I will definitely help drag you down