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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 5!


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language

I was having a steamy, hot dream of the guy whom is now in front of me. "It was a bad dream wasn't it?" He said breaking me out of my thoughts. He kept staring at me intensely waiting for an answer. "Yeah. I-It was a bad dream" I respond I got up from the seat I was sitting at fixing my shirt and smoothing down my pants. "I gotta go, sorry if I worried you Ravi" I say as I grabbed my bag and started to walk away. "Y/N Wait!" I hear him say I stopped as soon as I was about to open the door. He made his way over to me and stood behind me. "Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong? It seems like your avoiding me" He says while he placed one of his hands on my shoulder I shivered at his touch. It was making it harder for me to stay away from him. It was also very awkward being in the same room with him after having such a sexual dream of him. "Nothing is wrong, I just need to go already" I respond "Are you sure? Because your acting very weird.." He says "Yeah...I'm sure" "Okay then..." He says letting go of my shoulder I walked out of the room hoping he wouldn't call out my name again. I needed to get out of this place.


*Going back* I waited until the girls left the room so that I can be alone with y/n and talk to her. She has been acting very strange today and I needed to know why. "Bye Y/N see you tomorrow!" I heard recognizing the two girls. "Bye girls but today was the only day I'll be working the morning shift. Tomorrow I'll be in the Afternoon" I hear y/n say in reply Damn..she was placed for the afternoon shift... I need to do something about that. I heard both of the girls telling Y/n that they we're thinking of asking the manager if they can be switched to the afternoon shift to be with her. Y/N got excited. Soon after, the two girls left which meant, y/n was left alone. This was it. I waited for a bit hoping she would walk out but since she was taking a while, I decided to go inside and check on her. As I walked inside, I found her sitting down breathing heavily. I thought she was having a bad dream or having a seizure. "Y/N! Y/N!" I yell out running to her Nothing. I knelt down in front of her screaming her name for her to wake up. "Y/N!!!!" I yell out again grabbing her shoulders. This time she opened her eyes instantly. "W-What happened?" She said breathing heavily. "You we're panting hard Y/N, and arching your back. I thought you we're having some type of bad dream, a seizure or something. I kept shaking and calling your name out to try to wake you up but you wouldn't. I was getting worried" I respond back to her Her eyes widened up at what I had just told her.

*Present Time*

I looked at her still, wondering what to say. "It was a bad dream wasn't it?" I said all of a sudden "Yeah. I-It was a bad dream" She responded She then got up from the seat fixed her shirt and smoothed down her pants. I could tell she was nervous about something, just couldn't figure out what. "I gotta go, sorry if I worried you Ravi" She says as she grabbed her bag and started to walk away. "Y/N Wait!" I yell out before she disappeared She stopped as soon as she was about to open the door. I made my way over to her and stood behind. "Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong? It seems like your avoiding me" I say placing one of my hands on her shoulder "Nothing is wrong, I just need to go already" She responded "Are you sure? Because your acting very weird.." I say "Yeah...I'm sure" "Okay then..." I say letting go of her shoulder She then walked out of the room leaving me alone. I felt their was something going on with her. She seemed different ever since I left her alone with the other girls. This just confirmed it. My mind then came back to the moment where I saw her breathing heavily while she was sitting. Is she okay? What was she dreaming that caused her to act the way she did...Did something bad happen to her? So many things we're going on in my head about her. I walked out of the room and headed back to the kitchen to check up on how things we're going. In the back of my head, I still had y/n and our talk in mind. Things seemed to be going good in the kitchen so I went to talk with the manager about something I needed done.


"Finally!" I say letting out a big breather. I was out of the restaurant and now heading back to my place to shower and change to go shopping. As I was walking back, my thoughts went back to the whole scene that had happened. I couldn't believe he was their. I really hope he believed what I said. "LOOK OUT!" I hear someone yell breaking me out of thought. I felt someone pull me towards them. In shock I looked up to see a good-looking guy looking down at me. "Girl you almost got hit by a car! Did you not see where you were going?" He continued to say I was still in shock but kept looking at him. "I-I am sorry, I got lost in my thoughts to see where I was going..but..thank you f-for saving me" I respond looking down to the floor embarrassed He chuckled but was still holding onto me. "No need to say sorry to me, just glad I was there to save a beautiful girl" He says and winks I started blushing at his comment. He then let go of me and fixed his hair and shirt. "Where are you headed? Maybe I can tag along in case you need help again" He says and chuckles I looked at him and told him I was heading home to shower and get ready to go shopping. He noticed I wasn't from around here and asked me how I ended up here. I decided to then let him walk with me while I talked about where I was from and how I came to moving to Korea. It felt nice to talk to someone. He seemed to be a nice person. Looks like I made a new friend. He talked to me about himself and how he wanted to become an idol. I told him that sounded like a terrific idea and he should pursue it if he really wanted that. "Well, here we are. This is my place" I say "Oh my God you live here?" He says in shock "Yeah why..?" I respond back "I live in this building too" He says with a smile "My roommates and I do, I should say" He continued "Really? That's awesome!" I respond He looked at me smiling and told me it was awesome as well since now we can meet up more often and hang out. "Well I gotta get going if I'm gonna go shopping for things. Hopefully I can find a good clothing place" I say "I know a few places..if you like, I can come with and show you around?" He responds "Oh no no, I wouldn't want to bother you with that. You may be busy.." I say "Nope, not busy at all. I was walking back home actually so I don't mind. I can wait for you while you finish showering and get ready. As a matter of fact.." He says while pulling out a piece of paper and pen and jotting something down "Here is my number so you can text me once your ready and I'll come get you" He continued and handed me the paper. "Okay..thank you for helping me out with this and for earlier" I say taking the paper and putting it in my pocket. "No worries haha, let me know once your ready okay?" He says smiling I smiled back and opened up my door to go inside. "Ah by the way" He starts to say I turn around to look at him "I never got your name" He says smiling at me "Oh yes I'm sorry. My name is y/n" I respond smiling "Ah y/n. That's a nice name" He responds still smiling "Well nice to meet you y/n, My name's Cha Hak Yeon, but friends call me N" He then continued "It's nice to meet you too N. I hope you don't mind me calling you that, it sounds pretty cool" I reply back chuckling He chuckled as well and said he had no problem with that at all since we we're now friends.. We waved at each other and he disappeared around the corner. I walked inside and immediately went to the showers. I didn't want to take too long and have him wait for hours. As I got out of the showers I wrapped the towel around myself and went to my closet to choose my clothes. I decided to go with a black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. I put on my black shoes, did my hair, brushed my teeth and sent N a text that I was ready. A few minutes went by, I heard the door bell ring. I fixed myself one more time and then opened up the door to see N standing in front of me. "All ready?" He says smiling I smiled back and said I sure was. I grabbed my bag and keys and headed out. I made sure the door was locked and once I made sure of it, N and I made our way out into the street again. He showed me many stores in which had nice clothing. Everything here was so nice, I couldn't choose what to buy. After looking at so many clothing, I finally got what I needed. Well that takes care of the uniform. I asked him if he knew of a place to get groceries. He chuckled and told me he did so we made our way over there.

*Hours later*

I finally got the groceries I needed. It was already getting late so we started to make our way back to the apartment. N helped me carry the stuff. I was embarrassed to have him carry my things but he assured me that it was no problem. We then started talking about his roommates and how they all we're really thinking about the whole idol thing. They all loved to sing and dance and wished they could perform for thousands of people. It was really nice just hearing him talk about it and how serious he was too. He was about to talk about how one of his roommates, whom he mentioned his name to be Ken, had all sorts of ideas of where to start when all of a sudden, his phone rang. "Hello?" He says 'I'm heading home right now but going to stop by at a friends house first to drop off her groceries" He continued We kept walking almost getting close to the building. "Yeah were close to her apartment. I'll be there in a few minutes. Yah! Don't yell at me I'm older than you! She lives in the same building as we do so I won't be long" He said Hmm I wonder who he's talking to. It was pretty funny when he scolded the person who yelled at him. "We'll if you want me to get their quicker, why don't you come and help then? Yeah..that's what I thought. Meet us in front of room ****. We'll be there in 2 minutes" He continued He then hung up the phone and faced towards me. "Sorry about that. One of my roommates called to let me know that we're having practice and needs me there quick" He says "Ah it's fine, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. Once we get to my apartment, you can leave the bags by the front door and I'll take them inside" I Respond "Oh no it's okay, my roommate will be there to help out. He's a really cool guy. Plus I would feel bad leaving the stuff there and have you carry it all inside" He responded I didn't argue. Was too tired to even bother. We made our way to my apartment. I saw someone already standing in front of my door but I couldn't tell who it was since his back was facing us. "Hey, pabo! Over here!" N yelled out I started laughing But once the guy turned around, I stopped laughing and found myself in shock with whom was standing in front of my door. It was Ravi

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