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1. Husband JOOHEON

What can I say? I have a thing for squinty eyes.

2. First Love IM

He was my very first Monsta X bias.

3. Crush MINHYUK

I really love his upbeat personality.

4. Best Friend WONHO

Bc life is so much better with "those" types of friends. (And who doesn't love a good HoHo?)

5. Brother SHOWNU

He's married to Stacey so...welcome to the family!

6. Neighbor HYUNGWON

If you look past his RBF I think he'd be a really cool neighbor.


He looks like he should be the Monsta X maknae.

I'm doing this for Em!

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@gabbylu13 ikr 馃構 they're so good
a year agoReply
@Ligaya they were like my fave when I was little
a year agoReply
@gabbylu13 I think we love them even more now
a year agoReply
OMG! Our choices are almost the same!! It looks like I need to battle you for Jooheon. 鈾モ櫏
a year agoReply
@TerraToyaSi lol they're pretty close. No thanks I'll just take him 鉂わ笍馃槀馃槀
a year agoReply