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BamBam Stop Dabbing?
At first I wanted him to stop dabbing and doing the whip. When he said this, my heart melted. Don't tell him to stop. I think it hurts him when we make fun of him. We Are Sorry BamBam♡ We Love You BamBam♡ credit: limjaebeom on Tumblr
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He is amazing. Dab on bambam
a year ago·Reply
Idk why anyone that are igot7 would ever say stop on the first place when he's having fun and it's just a dance tbh when he does it it so cute and I like that he can be still updated with stuff like that
a year ago·Reply
@QueenLele I mean, I think fans want him to stop because he dies it too much. tbh I really don't like dabbing, but if it makes this fluff ball happy, then let him dab
a year ago·Reply
@JewelsLouise1 I get that😂
a year ago·Reply
he looks happy when he dabs or whips so I don't mind at all
a year ago·Reply