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Hello everyone!! I have recently been honored to become a part of the Astro community's Mod Support group! Let me introduce myself!
I'm Erica, I will be representing the cutie Moonbin! Every Friday I will be bringing you a card about Binnie!
Also this is a first for me. This is the first time I'll be a mod support for any group. So please be patient with me!
Okay so here's a little bit about me:
I'm a 95 line so that makes me 20 years old, but I'll be turning 21 in December!
My Astro bias is Moonbin, the very person I'm lucky to represent. This has only happened once or twice before but I'm a Noona again. I am roughly three years older than Moonbin.
I am in love with a lot of K-pop groups and I have a crap ton of bias' and bias wreckers!

Next Friday I'll be bringing you some information and facts about Moonbin, and some of Bin's aegyo!

For now enjoy some pictures of Moonbin!

He's so adorable!
If you have any questions regarding Astro or the Astro community let one of us know! We'd be happy to help! Also if you see any bullying going on in the Astro community please let one of us know for we want to keep our community beautiful and bully-free!
Aroha Squad (Astro Mod Squad):
If you do happen to have a question or need help feel free to message one of us above!
Astro Taglist:
If you want to be added to the Astro taglist please comment on this card by @JiyongLeo
@MaeLyn 😘
@sukkyongwanser You too!! :)
Nice to meet you. 😀
@Kdragons137 If you'd like to be tagged click on the link I provided above! It's in the last sentence, just click on the word card!
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