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Well...Crunchyroll has confirmed season 2 for 2017 Anime season. IDK if this will change or not but so far, Attack on Titan has been green lit once again for the 2017 spring season..Click the link to see.
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@gabbycalzada The only thing that released in Japan was the game. Also, normally once the show airs in Japan depending on the website that episode will air the same day online in Subs. it doesn't take a year any more. For example, Crunchyroll airs new episodes on the same day and YouTube does too. it all depends on the website. But now officially AOT season 2 will air in the spring 2017 anime season.
There was an AOT festival in Japan that announced this which I didnt even know a festival existed lol
@Rajayuu yes but some of the older websites take a few months or a year. And season 2 already aired in Japan
@gabbycalzada which sites are those? n no it hasn't yet aired at all. The festival that I mentioned before was in Japan in Tokyo I think this past Sunday announced the second season to be released in Japan in Spring 2017. they released a photo of the three main characters as their teaser even creator confirmed this to be true. if any site says it has already been released in Japan that site isnt truthful
@gabbycalzada here's the official website the twitter announcement of when the anime is to be aired is on the website. I translated it to English IDK if it'll say that way when I post the link http://shingeki.tv/season2/