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Who: Readerx Park Chanyeol What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 10 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Y/N's POV "It was you. You were the one Taehyung was warning me about? Why you're my brother?" I asked baffled. "Half brother actually. See mom and dad never actually told you that you were the product of a little love affair dad had. Still we very much accepted you as part of the family. I was the protective older brother until I found a way to get us back to our rightful place." He said stepping up to us. Me and Chanyeol both took a step back. "What are you talking about?" "When I found out that the Phoenix lived inside you I realized I could use you. However the Phoenix had to be swayed to kill and who better to focus your heated wrath on than the man that cheated on you." "You were the one that tricked him into opening the box?" I said in disbelief. "Yes, you see before you were born the Phoenix lived in Mom and Dad's Kingdom. We were the Aquarius Kingdom and our land was beautiful filled with water ways and traditional life; the kind of Kingdom where you knew everyone and everyone knew you. Till everything was destroyed by the Phoenix before you. So Mom and Dad helped Baekhyun's father rebuild a Kingdom. The place we now stand on as the Light Kingdom. Baekhyun's father didn't keep his promise to us though, to help us restore our beautiful Kingdom, no instead he allowed Yoongi and Jungkook to take over and build their own damn Kingdoms. Mom and Dad were weak though, Dad quickly cracked under pressure and ended up sleeping with an elemental producing a baby girl into the world. Your mother died the day you were born so mom took you in with open arms. Even though she spent months contemplating whether or not she wanted you dead but she knew Dad would've left her if she did anything to you. You were his little girl." he emphasized the words little girl so much I could feel his hate for me in the air. "Junmyeon." I said not believing what he was telling me. My older brother had hated me for what I was, the Phoenix had destroyed everything he loved in its Master's rage. He was blaming me for what happened. He was angry that I had loved the son of the man that betrayed his family. Which made sense as to why they were exposing his evil ways to us. He hated our parents for not taking back their lives like they should've. "Once I found out you were the Phoenix that's when I planned it all. Being Baekhyun's best friend I coaxed him into opening the box and once that happened it was easy to get into his head. He killed his father with the greatest of ease the first half of my revenge. I had convinced him that mom and dad were trying to kill you and so he killed them, turning you away from him completely. He would've been darker, he was supposed to push you farther but I underestimated how much he actually loved you and you loved him. It seemed like his light wasn't tainted enough to truly let you go. The one thing I didn't account for was Yixing, I had no idea that he was supposed to be your guardian. Even he fell in love with you, everyone that comes around you can't help but adore this perfect little child." The anger and spite in his voice rose. "You're sick and twisted. You did all of this for the sake of revenge." Chanyeol said. "The same as my dear sister right, we wouldn't be here if she didn't let her anger get to her." Junmyeon smiled. "Yeah but you pulled those stings, you manipulated this entire thing to bring us all here. More than just you two have suffered because of what you two started. What was your plan anyway if not to let her destroy the Kingdom's?" Chanyeol said upset. "Her plan was to destroy the foundation of the Light Kingdom while simultaneously purifying the other Kingdoms she could only make that possible by using Baekhyun's light with the Phoenix's power. So now," Suddenly, my hand wrapped around my throat and squeezed. I fell to my knees and Chanyeol ran to me calling my name. "You're going to release that pretty little bird of yours and burn this entire world to the ground along with everyone in it." "Junmyeon stop it! How are you doing this?" Chanyeol screamed. "The body contains water all I need to do is tap into it. Did you think I'd really be this untrained with my powers?" "Y/N!" I heard Yixing and Minseok call my name. The sounds of men fighting below us seemed louder to me. I had just noticed it as I was grabbing my throat harder. Survival instincts kicked in and I could feel the Phoenix's fire burning within. If it came out now I was going to kill everyone. Yixing's POV When I had gotten to Minseok he looked half dead. It took a bit longer for me to heal him because of that but when he woke up he said, "Junmyeon, he'll kill her." "I know." I nodded. He gave me strange look but got up right away and we ran out to see Junmyeon forcing her to her knees. He was trying to force the Phoenix out of her to burn the entire world down. She had to stay strong because we couldn't do anything right now. Chanyeol released fire from his hand and Junmyeon shielded himself in water creating a smoke screen like effect between them. Chanyeol went to grab Y/N but shortly after he pushed her back to the pavement Chanyeol stopped moving. I looked to Minseok, "There's still snow on the ground can you use it?" Minseok nodded just as Chanyeol was pushed off the roof. Y/N's eye began to glow with fire in them. I was begging in my head that she could hold it together a second longer. Chanyeol came back up from the side of the roof, engulfed in flames like a dragon. I made my way to Y/N trying not to catch his attention and lifted her on my back. Her hands now releasing her throat. I looked back to see Chanyeol attacking Junmyeon with fire on one side while Minseok was attacking him with frost on the other. Junmyeon was able to better defend against Chanyeol than Minseok, with his frost ability Minseok could easily stop Junmyeon's attacks. I put her down just by the door; she put her hands to her head, "I don't understand how this could've happened? He killed Baekhyun, he was planning all of this why didn't you tell me? You knew didn't you?" She pushed me furious and tears brimming to her eyes. "Would you have believed me anyway if I told you Junmyeon was your enemy?" She shook her head no. "What are we going to do now? Junmyeon killed Baekhyun I needed his power other wise it won't work." I pressed a hand to her stomach, still sensing it and told her, "It will still work. Do it, Baekhyun's death will be in vain if you give up right now." She looked back up at me and looked to her brother. She turned and ran into the building with me following behind her I looked at her and she looked nervous, folding her fingers into her sweaty palms repeatedly while I stood by the reactors switch. "Ready?" "No." she said taking a deep breath. She closed her eyes and in a second she went supernova, her flames engulfing her body. She was yelling, straining her own power to its peak then I pulled the switch starting up the reactor. It's power shooting up and engulfing her but her flames over took it and the Phoenix began to appear. It's beautiful wings expanding and flying upwards with her in the center. I ran out of the building to see Junmyeon, Chanyeol and Minseok looking up at her in shock and awe. Minseok looked down noticing me and I nodded to him. Minseok swallowed before he turned around and froze the snow behind Junmyeon into icicles. He looked down at Minseok just as the large icicles he'd created pierced through his back and poked out in front of him. Junmyeon fell to the ground just as Chanyeol was running past me to go into the building. I grabbed Chanyeol's arm. "Wait." "You don't understand the supernova will kill her she can't control it. She released the Phoenix too she'll die." "Chanyeol she has to do this." "Says who, you or a million other legends? She's not the Phoenix she's just Y/N." He yanked his arm away and ran in. I went after him the fire raising the room to an intense temperature. He grabbed the switch but I had pulled him back. Locking his arms with mine, "Let me go!" he screamed. "I can't." "You're just going to let her die?" "I give my life to my Queen. Trust her Chanyeol." Her fire was spreading out beyond this Kingdom creating what looked like a flower. The sky was lit up in hot embers turning firey orange it was a beautiful sight but a terrifying one as well. Another wave of fire went bursting out hotter and farther than the first but a bright light beaming from her center shot out with the fire. The Phoenix stone by her heart erupting in beautiful flames increasing her power and reach. Two powers combined destroying the Light Kingdom and purifying the Kingdoms surrounding it, extending its reach farther than anyone ever could. The Phoenix became smaller its firey body ceasing till is disappeared and Y/N's body fell. I released Chanyeol and he ran to grab her using his own fire to capture her and cradle her down to the ground. Her clothes had burned off completely and she laid stark naked but covered in ash lifelessly against Chanyeol's legs. He cupped her face, "No, no, no. Y/N, please." he begged her. He started crying bringing her body against his and rocking her in his arms. Minseok walked in shortly after looking at her and Chanyeol. "Please Y/N, babe wake up. Don't leave me, come back." I looked up seeing the dark clouds had moved away, "First time in a long time since I've seen the sun." Minseok said looking up as well. A single tear fell from his eye without his voice indicating the emotions behind it. It didn't take long for the others to run in the room. Jackson, Mark, Tao, Jongin and Sehun. Jongdae,Yifan and Kyungsoo were with them. "Why are you guys here?" Minseok asked. "The King is dead, we are no longer in service to him. We have no reason to kill you." Yifan said matter of factly. I walked up to Y/N laying in Chanyeol's arms. He still had her pressed to his chest and he was still crying. I took off my jacket and laid it across her legs. I placed my hand on her stomach. "Two powers as one." I whispered. "I shouldn't have let you do this. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Chanyeol said to her. "You love her too don't you?" I asked. He nodded through tears and sniffles, "Then say it, tell her how you feel." "She's dead what can she hear?" "Say it anyway." I encouraged. He looked up at me with red wet eyes and then looked at her. My hand was still on her stomach when he said. "Y/N- I love you." "You have to love everything that comes with her too." I said looking up at the sky. The most beautiful sight flying by and landing on the ledge looking down at us. I looked back down at Y/N, "Now rise from your ashes." I said with a smile. My hand began to glow and Chanyeol looked from my hand to her face, her body no longer feeling cold and dead but now warming up with life. Her finger twitched and Chanyeol didn't miss it. He lifted her up raising his knee so that her back leaned against it. "Y/N?" he said waiting to see if she'd respond. "Hmmm. Chanyeol, were you watching me sleep again?" she said in annoyed groggy voice. "You moron." he said laughing before his lips covered hers in a deep kiss. She pulled away from him and looked down at herself and saw she was naked. Chanyeol pulled off his shirt and gave it to her. She put it on and it was big enough to cover her as long as she didn't move around too much. She looked at him and said, "So, you love me?" "Forever." he said looking into her eyes. "You know that's breaking the rules." she said getting closer to his face. "I was never one to follow rules anyway." She laughed, "Me either." She pulled him into another kiss. I stood up and the others had head over to them. I caught sight of Yifan staring at her and slapped his chest, "Well would you look at that, I guess miracles really do exist." I said referring to an old conversation we had long ago. He I could see his jaw clench so he didn't smile and I chuckled. Chanyeol picked Y/N up carrying her like a princess and I could hear her faint whisper, "I love you." Maybe in my next life, I'll finally get her. She was happy with him that was clear. He placed her down on her feet and she asked, "Hey Yixing, how did you know about my brother?" "I told you I've been watching you for a while now." "You told me that I should do it, if I didn't need Baekhyun then why didn't you say something?" "Because you did need Baekhyun, luckily for us he left something behind for you." "What do you mean?" She asked confused. I smiled at her and said, "You'll find out soon." Five Years later (Y/N's POV) The destructive bird that had torn down my parents old Kingdom had now been restored to its former self. So many of the Phoenix's Master's were consumed with rage and hate like I was. Having finally found peace, the Phoenix truly began to reform back to its original state. Turns out Phoenix masters before me had allowed their stubbornness and rage to consume them and thus consuming the world around them in fire. The Phoenix was doomed to repeat it's cycle till it could one day be purified. When Pandora opened the box she was tainted by the sorrows and Hope had taken her over, giving her power to put the sorrow back into the box, that's how Pandora became the Phoenix. With each cycle she had to renew herself and little by little the sorrows returned to the box. That's why the Phoenix in some places was seen as a bad omen. It looked like I had finally broke that curse. Other masters didn't get to see the end of the Phoenix's fate on that paper but I did: "RISE FROM YOUR ASHES PANDORA." My feelings for the Baekhyun I knew never truly went away but my feelings for Chanyeol kept growing stronger with each year we spent together. I had restored the Light Kingdom and connected the other Kingdoms together now. I named the Kingdom Aquarius becoming the center of harmony, fulfilling Junmyeon's wish and made it as beautiful as I imagined it had been. We were in the garden of the Estate, the Phoenix's matte rosey pink feathers had shook opening its wings. The long train following behind it and the blue feathers on top of its head, that looked like a crown, reflected in the sun light. It flew over and landed on my shoulder nuzzling its head on my cheek. The Phoenix separated itself from me after that day granting Yixing the ability to bring me back to life as he later explained to me. Yixing had traveled around after that day always returning to me with news from the other Kingdoms never once settling down with a girl because he believed that one day I wouldn't be with Chanyeol anymore to which I always answered, "Don't count on it, fire users are stubborn." He always smiled in return, showing his dimples and claiming he had hope. Chanyeol and him bumped heads every once in a while but they had a mutual respect for each other. After all, he was grateful to my guardian for bringing me back to life. Minseok decided to travel himself and ended up staying in the Bear Kingdom with Jongdae. They had become good friends apparently and Yoongi wanted some powered up bodyguards. Tao stayed in the Kingdom with me and was often seen by the water playing with children on the board walk. I never found out what happened with Yifan. Yixing just said something about him searching for miracles, he never explained what that meant but he always smiled at it. Kyungsoo stopped by sometimes to visit Jongin, apparently when he was undercover the two had gotten close. Sehun left to go to Bam bam's Kingdom. Sehun had helped protect the Kings during the Kingdoms rally and Bam bam was impressed with his powers so he offered him a chance to come to his Kingdom and learn the ancient magics. For two years straight, I hadn't seen him till he showed up at the Kingdom's rally one year looking older, handsome and apparently much stronger than he was before according to Bam bam. He said he missed home but he liked learning about his powers. I made sure he knew that he was always welcome back if he wanted to. Mark and Jackson lived in the village area of the Kingdom, they both had families of their own and we kept in touch often. All the Kingdoms coexisted in harmony, thus ushering in the fifth year of peace. Everyone was invited back to the Estate to celebrate, this was the first time the Kings from the other Kingdoms would visit Aquarius without it being a Kingdoms rally. This was simply a Kingdoms celebration. I stood on the top of the hill of our garden wig my bare feet in the grass, looking down and smiling at the laughing children below playing with Tao and Jongin. Chanyeol's arm wrapped around my waist and he kissed me, making the Phoenix fly off my shoulder and land else where. After the sweet kiss he said, "How is my beautiful wife today?" "Excited, everyone is coming back home today. I can't wait to see them." "Hey becareful with Pan, Jongin or I'm burning your hair of!." Chanyeol yelled. Our daughter Pan, was laughing at Jongin as he sported a pouting face. "Hey! Tao you too, don't be so reckless!" he griped. I laughed grabbing his shoulders and said, "Oh my what are you going to do when the other one comes?" He leaned down lifting up my shirt and kissed my stomach saying, "Let's hope the next one isn't as much of a handful as her siblings." "Don't count on it, the child of a dragon born and a Phoenix flame, it only gets worse from here." He laughed and pulled me into another kiss, one deep and long. I could hear Tao and Jongin say, "There they go again." "You should invest in a room you two." The familiar voice caught my attention and I looked over to see Yixing standing on the stone pavement that was just before the grass to the garden. "Yixing you're back." "Always an exciting moment to see you too my Queen." he said giving me a slight bow. "Easy there buddy, she's still Mine." Chanyeol said. "Clearly, already on child number three, you two should consider getting a hobby." Yixing said chuckling and turning to me. Chanyeol wrapped his arms around me from behind resting his chin on my shoulder while saying, "Jealous?" "Very, but down worry, I'll get her in the next life." Yixing lifted my chin with his finger giving me a big grin and a wink while Chanyeol tried to bite him. I laughed and was about to say something when my son began to cry. We all looked to the crying boy who was on the ground in front of Tao, he had been holding him moments ago. It looked as though He had tried to make his way up the hill to us. He liked Yixing, "Tao what the hell did I tell you, be careful with my son!" Chanyeol yelled. Tao looked sad and said, "Geeze it wasn't even me he just slipped trying to get to your wife's boyfriend." "What?" I shrieked. It earned a laugh from Yixing as he headed down and lifted him up from the ground. He healed the little scar on his leg and I noticed Pan had laughed at him the entire time. One of the biggest reasons why I loved Chanyeol so much is because he didn't treat Pan any different from our son. Considering that this little boy in Yixing's arms, was the son of Baekhyun. The only reason I was able to purify the world in the first place. The both of them were the light of my life. Yixing set him down and said, "Everyone's already here they're just waiting for you guys." "Why didn't you say something earlier? So busy flirting with my wife now you've made us late. Come on Pan." Chanyeol said calling for her. "You too Baekhyun." I called to our son holding out my hand after laughing at Chanyeol's comment. He ran over and grabbed my hand then grabbed his sister's hand while she held onto Chanyeol's hand and we walked together to see everyone at the front of the estate. It was a long a difficult road, but I'm glad I got here and I won't. Ever. Look. Back.
I actually enjoyed writing this ending, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. I put this out today because I want to release the one shot with Junmyeon tomorrow as a fourth do July treat. My plan is to finish up 'Didn't Deserve You' so I can get out the actual story for Junmyeon and another story called Mr. Sandman so just look out for those. And thank you guys so so so much for reading. Love you bunnies ~BabydollBre ❀ Tag list: @Kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @tiffany1922 @herosbells @griseldazenger @elishafisher @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @princess2425 @QueenLee
@Kpossible4250 lol thank you so much πŸ˜†πŸ˜† @QueenLee lol thank you I apologize on behalf of Junmyeon he will do better in the One-shot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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