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♡ Hello Babies. I want to say that I'm excited for this Quarter. Also want to introduce my team to everyone.

Once again, Lustrous Gene @Tigerlily84 is returning for another quarter with me. Thank you bebe! I love you! Also, she became the EXO Mod! So congratulations bebe! ♡
@JiyongLeo ♡ Darling Gene ♡ has joined the ❣CandY Mod Squad ❣So let's all give thanks to her! She is the beautiful and adorable Mod For Vixx community, so she's a great addition to my team. ♡
@StefaniTre ♡ Sassy Gene ♡ has also joined my team for the quarter. I am delighted to have another Casper on my team. She as well, is Mod for B.A.P, so please show her love there too! ♡
@merryjayne13 is TakuShi Gene, and she has provided me with the pleasure of having her on my team ♡ Welcome to the CandY Mod Squad Sweetheart ♡
@XergaB20 Captivating Gene & @sugajin94 Whispering Gene has rejoined too. They are usually busy with school and work, so they will post when available

Thank you Babies For helping me this quarter! I love you all and let's give these girls a warm welcome! ♡

♡ CandY Mod Squad ♡

♡ Cross Gene Tag list:

♡ YakPak ♡

If you would like to be added to the tag, please leave a comment below ♡

I am so glad to be working with you guys!!! @AimeeH thank you for the shout out about my Mod position.
@XergaB20 Yayyyyyy!!
@XergaB20 Love you bebe! ♡
I will try to be better!
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