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I'm Elo's Princess and he's my baby daddy, we're gonna make this work no matter what.
"You guys are really good at this co-parenting thing." Sun dipped at her coffee, watching the two boys outside the window. "It's not perfect but we're definitely trying. Elo wants to be in his son's life unlike a lot of fathers." You shoved your hands into the pockets of the oversized jacket. "Guys don't usually stick around when they get even their girlfriend pregnant." "You guys still broke up." She whispered over the steam, probably in hopes that you wouldn't hear. "We should get going. Elo has to be back at the office soon and Erin wanted to walk him back." Exchanging goodbyes, you all but rushed from her house. Sun was a great friend but her comments sometimes struck a cord, especially anything dealing with the failed relationship with Elo. She dubbed him 'baby daddy' when he jetted at the beginning and her opinion hadn't changed when he decided to grow up. The guy was scared out of his mind, you didn't blame him for jetting, but he came back before Erin was born. "Ready to go?" A cheerful smile played across your lips, hiding the hurt that threatened it's way up. "Ah, Em. Did you grab his bag?" Elo questioned, half paying mind to the fact that you were even there. "I did, now come on before you're late again." Like that the three of you were headed off down the street, walking on either side of your tiny six year old. Every few moments a sneaking glance was passed over at the taller man, he was smiling, lost in thought. "If you stare anymore, I'll have to charge you." His eyes flicked over to meet yours, a heat spreading over your face. - "We're back." Elo announced at the silence of the building. There was a few shuffles and muffled voices before anyone appeared. "There's my favorite man." Hoody peaked her head out of a nearby door and Erin took off to greet her. They both disappeared into the office a moment later, Hoody's muffled exclamation about cartoons following. Elo mentioned staying still and that he'd be back shortly. You were left standing awkwardly in the open room while waiting for someone to show their face. Fingers tracing over the walls and couches in boredom. "Baby momma!" You cringed at the name "Where's Elo?" Turning you were greeted by Jay, his smiling face having no idea how much you hated being called that. "He disappeared down the hallway, Erin's with Hoody." "She's never going to get any work done." Jay rambled on about needing to actually get something done this week. "You called her baby momma again didn't you?" Elo's voice caught the both of you off guard, Jay jumping slightly when Elo's hand clapped him on the shoulder. "How did you even-?" "She looks like she ate something bad and decided to hold it rather than spit it out." Elo's arm slipped around your shoulders and guided you away. "Keep an eye on Erin."
The studio door closed behind you with a soft click, Eli moving away from you and to the desk chair. You plopped down on the little leather couch and got comfortable. This was your couch, it was put in his studio just so you'd have somewhere to seat when you visited. But that was almost seven years ago and a lot had changed, it wasn't your couch anymore. "You okay?" Elo was close, his breath catching the hair over your ear. "I'm fine." You smiled and leaned back into the couch, trying to regain the space. "Tell me." He watched you and sat back in his chair. "What?" You were honestly confused for a moment. There was nothing wrong and you had told him just that. "You aren't 'fine'. You usually give some smartass remark when I ask that so you're thinking again. What's my princess thinking?" The nickname pulled your heartstrings, he hadn't called you that in a long time. He must have realized what he'd just said. Eyes growing just the slightest bit bigger and watching you a little more closely. Yet your only reaction was to crack a smile and look down. How had you missed that, seven years since that was your name to him. "Princess..." You whispered it and your smile grew, that name was so very missed. It happened quickly and yet in complete slow motion. Elo's lips pressed against yours and then he pulled away. You didn't slapped him, which surprised even you. Elo took that as a positive and leaned in again, not hesitant this time but the kids was slow and you kissed back. "Only took you seven years." Jay's voice echoed from the now open door and when the two of you pulled apart, everyone was watching your exchange. "Get lost." The mincing way you said it had everyone laughing and half scrambling, the door closing after them. "Em, I know it's been rough. You did most of your pregnancy alone and I'm sorry for that but we've spent the last six and half years playing family in two separate houses. Before that we were together for four years, that's almost eleven years of our lives spent together." "Elo..." "We haven't actually been together since before Erin was born but neither of us has dated. What I'm trying to get at is, can we just get married already? It'll be work and it won't be easy at all but Em, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you as Mrs. Oh, I want Erin to have a proper family and I wa-" "You're rambling Elo. You've been a wonderful father, you were an amazing boyfriend...I think you'll make a great husband."
I loved it!
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