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Hey guys I said I was wanting to write one and here it is 😊😊
I was jogging down the street not far from my house. It was my daily routine. I would get up and jog. I had just got back home from my jog and my phone rings, I see that it's Yugyeom!! My face lights up as I answered," Hey babe, what are you doing?" He replied telling me about his night and that he was on his way over. I have had the biggest crush on him forever. He is the youngest in the group Got7. We are really awkward around each other. Today we are going out, since his group is on break! I heard a honk outside, so that means he just pulled up! I was sooo nervous! We aren't official at all just child hood best friends! I ran out of the house and jumped into his arms to hug him!! "I'm mad at you", I bluntly said. "What did I do?", he chuckled. I'm not really made at all, I am trying to pick on him for his sexy dancing. "You have been showing other girls you're moves. That is what you are doing.", I replied smoothly showing no emotion. He laughs. He puts me down and we get in his car. We are on our way to lunch. We arrive at this Mexican restaurant called "La Bamba Tacos." Yugyeom opens the car door for me and the door to go in. I sat down was beginning to get nervous. I look down at my menu and not say a word except for answering the waiter. I really am excited to see him. I just want to tell him how I feel. After we eat in silence we head to the park. We walk to this fountain and sit. He looks at me and pulls me in for a hug. "I have missed you so much. Being gone with the boys, makes me miss our water gun fights and bonfire. I want to spend more time with you. I really like you!", Yugyeom had said. I looked up at him and into his eyes and touched his nose to mine. I replied," Yugyeom I feel the same except I love you too!" I kissed his cheek, and he pulled me in for a peck on the lips. "You better keep the sexy dancing to a minimum now or I wil have your butt!", I laughed telling him. He pulled me in his arms and we watch the people walk by.
@QueenLee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he is my baby in got7! My main bias there! And he is slowly trying to win my UB spot from Park Jimin!! He is so special to me Yugyeom!! And thanks so much!!! And well he is a wrecker!
That is so cute! Yugyeom is such a bias wrecker & you're not helping πŸ˜‚
I love your one shot. ☺
@MelissaGarza thank you so much!!! I have been pondering for weeks about this and finally just decided to do it.