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But here's the thing, it will be difficult to keep up with comments on random Astro team cards from people wanting to be tagged sooooo... If YOU wanna be tagged in all the Astro mod teams cards, comment on this card! We will be sure to link it in every card so if you don't want tagged now but change your mind later, you can find it at the bottom of any Astro mod team card with the taglist! Please try to only comment here if you want tagged it makes it a lot easier to keep up with okay? Okay:) Thank you bebes!!! ASTRO Squad: @ChaErica @catchyacrayon @LocoForJiyong @DalyRomero @resavalencia @Isolate
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my I be added to the taglist? x3
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Please tag me!
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add me
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Please tag me 馃槉
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I asked to be tagged but for some reason I'm not being tagged anymore? :(
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