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THIS IS WHAT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT WAS MADE FOR!!! SPOLIERS❗️❗️❗️❗️ So I thought after the last episode and the announcement of the 5 women who are Candidates and the ordeal with Subaru that it was just gonna slowly play off for a few episodes after atleast. Once I got to the ending of episode 14 it brought me back to the seemingly hellish scenes from the earlier episodes. Almost a complete 180 from the previous Murderous scenes!! Never thought it may turn this way even if Subaru changes things!! REM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why REMMMMM??!!??!! I am now crazy anticipating the next episode!! Why can't I just binge it all?? Ahh, but it just makes the episodes that much more intense when you gotta wait a week for each release!! Anime is Life!!
This episode was crazy I'm just wondering what's gonna happen next like is he gonna kill him self again or what
#TeamRem 😟😢😭😔😭😭
@ColtynGriffith that's exactly how I feel. It's truly getting intense. So happy they made this a spring-summer series and not just spring only. Def might be a top runner for this year so far!! I was thinking that's his only choice honestly is to restart but I wonder how he will go about changing the fact after finding about how many people hate Emilia bc of her half elf lineage!! Either way I'm sure it'll be tons of twists!!