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Jae hyun

another lovely nct u member debuting/coming back with nct 127 and I'm excited ....I love Jaehyun more than life and look how beautiful he is amen for this comeback Real Name: Jung Yoonoh Stage Name: Jaehyun Birthdate: February 14, 1997 English Name: Jay Nickname: Jungjae “Yuk” (It means “meat”). Casper, because his skin is very white. Position: Main Vocalist Blood type: A Hometown: Seoul, Korea Family: Parents Specialty: Rap, Piano Zodiac Sign: Aquarius - was cast into SM Entertainment when he was in the 8th grade. - good at swimming, cooking spicy pork and basketball. - steals other members’ food sometimes. lol - Roommate w/ Mark. - has dimples when he smiles. - the members say he can do aegyo really well. - wish he could teleport. - likes to dress up in the “Dandy” fashion style. - believes that aliens are real and that they are out there. - loves Pokemon and his favorite Pokemon is Charmander. - He wants to sing a duet with IU one day.