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"Call me when you get there," you breathe into the phone, unable to hold back the worrisome tone.
"I will," he replies back with a long yawn.
"Make sure you rest well too."
"I will."
"And remember to eat plenty, please!" Your voice carries itself into another octave.
"Yaah," he chuckles lightly, his deep voice sending sweet chills down your spine. "You worry too much, jagiya."
"And I have every right to worry because you work too hard, Joonie. You need a break, so until then, I'll worry." Your lips drag themselves down into a small pout.
"Ah, but I did have a break when I came to see you. You were the prize I was rewarded for working so hard." You picture him sitting on the plane with his dimpled smile displaying for the world.
You sigh and run a hand quickly through your hair, "just.... call me, or text me, or email me." You clear your through once you realize how desperate that must have sounded. "Just notify me when you land in Korea, okay?"
"I always do, jagiya. I always do. Get some sleep, you have class in a few hours."
A small smile sprouts on your lips, "I will, oppa."
"That's my girl. I'll talk to you soon okay? I love you, jagi."
"I love you too, oppa."
The line cuts off. Cutting every last string of strength in your body with it too. You sit on the edge of your bed and and feel the hot tears finally break and run down your face like forming rivers.
'God, why is it just as hard as last time?' you feel your heart ache with the question. 'Because you don't know when you'll see him again, that's why,' A soft voice in the back of your head replies with the cold truth.
The truth of secretly dating a Kpop star.
The star- Kim Namjoon.
Yes, coming soon in Fall 2016~
The official debut of Monsters are Real!
I hope you've all enjoyed the prologue!
I'll be publishing the first chapter off of my personal account so keep an eye out for that!
No~ I won't be saying exactly when I will drop this story but it will be this fall!
Thank you to all that have supported me throughout my BigBang novel, and now this project!
I promise to work hard for all of you!
Thank you so much!
I'll see you soon! ;D
Hmmm, I don't know what to call you guys yet for this story.....
My Monsters?
My Dimplets?
I'll figure it out~ :D
If you wish to be added or dropped, please let me know! :D
And because I am also from KpopINT as their (@Sailynn) S-HOPE :D
Thank you!
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So excited for this! And "Dimplets" is adorable! Though we'll love whatever name you decide to use for us.
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