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Angst Fluff Swearing Idolxreader Detail A oneshot about you and JB and about your relationship. "he loves me he love me not" Enter At Your Own Choice
"I just can't do it any more... I'm sorry" you held back your tears as the word came right out of mouth so easily. "Please don't say that please" said JB his voice was shakey and scratchy. you look away from him and look up you could feel the tears gathering right in the center of your bottom eyelid. you didn't want to so that you were hurt so you cleared your throat trying to get rid of the knot you had. JB walk up close to you and place his hand on top of your shoulders while he stared at the ground. you clearly knew what he was about to say and what he was going to do because it's always the same thing and same stupid reason your two argue. you don't know why your still putting up with it maybe because your scared of hurting him or you still love him or your just afraid of being alone... maybe... "I know I did wrong but please forgive me i won't do it again... I promise" JB lightly sob as he stared at you. you rolled your eyes then smack his arm off your shoulder as you light shoved him back. you knew it those stupid words 'I'm sorry, I know I did wrong, I won't do it again' and the one you hated the most was those two simple words that are filled with lies and untrustworthy. 'I promise' worthless and meaningless no one every truly keeps their promises. JB eyes widen in shock, he didn't expect that from you he expect you to forgive him like you usually do and then go back to normal like usual. "It's over get out" you slurred as you pushed him throws the door. JB was breathless and wasn't sure what was going on. you were being serious and it scared him like crazy he didn't know how react to it at all. JB stop in front of the door and grab a hold of your hand so you wouldn't push him again. you tried to snatched them way but grip tighten. "Baby please, don't do this I love you" he exclaimed suddenly his voice tighten almost as if he was sad or worried. "No fuck you I'm done with your stupid lies and excuse, I'm sick and tired of feeling like I'm the only one trying to keep us together like i'm the only fighting. you never show me you truly care or love me and I'm tired of always feeling lonely even with you I'm done get out!" you cried out as you ripped off the neckless and ring he had give you and toss them to the ground. JB gulp as he got on his knees and grab them, for a cool second the room was silence and JB stay staring at the jewelry in his hands as he stayed on his knees. you didn't expect him to fight back like always he only sit there quiet and just say sorry or nod his head. "get up and get out of my life" you growled and just in that moment JB wrapped his arms around your waist as he buried his face into your tummy. you didn't know what he was doing and when you were about to shove him away you hear a sob escape his lips. "Please don't leave me, please don't give up on me, I'm so sorry I'm such a fuck up I'm sorry I'm really fucking sorry (Y/N)" JB cried as the words struggled to escape and his breathing became quicker as he hitched. "you never change I'm tired JB I'm tired of you not showing me anything I never feel loved by you so stop it and leave please" you said softly as you felt your heart aching as you pulled his arms away from you. "I'M NOT LEAVING YOU" JB cried out. "I know I hardly show emotion I know I don't say I love you so much I'm sorry I can't express my feeling so easily but I'm trying (Y/N) I'm fucking trying so hard Please believe me" JB adds as he stood back up "you didn't even remember" you said "What are you talking about" JB asked "today do you even remember what day it is" you say as you rake your hair back. JB look at the ground as he stick his hands into his pockets, you huff and Nod your head as you forced a fake smile. "I fucking knew it you forgot didn't you!" "I didn't forget" he whisper under his breath "what?" "I didn't forget (Y/N) I know what day it is okay" he raised his voice "Don't fucking lie you don't even care because your just to busy thinking of yourself like always" you bluntly say. JB look up at you as he rubbed the back of his neck he walked over to you as he point his finger at you then balls up his fist and turn around to hit the door. he was piss off and you was surprised to even see any type of emotions from him. "Your just like everyone else" he said to you with his back on you. "and your only ever hurt me more" you say back "How huh tell me how am I never trying to be there for you when you need help or try to offer you money to help you out because I hate seeing you struggle" JB address as he turns to face you the anger in his eye burn "I NEVER ASK YOU TOO!" you barked "AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE I WANT TO BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE SURE YOUR OKAY AND HAPPY" he growls your eyes widen as you watched as tears form in JB eyes as theY quickly slip out and fill down one by one. your hurting him over one day of him not saying happy anniversary or something simple and stupid. "I just want to be the reason your happy the reason you laugh and I try so hard not to make you stress more by getting jealous about guys talking to you that way I don't show my feeling okay!" he crys out "Because I'm scared to open up and show you the real me and one day you'll end up leaving me and hating the real me" JB adds he was right, he does help you without you having to ask him too. he does try to make you laugh when your having a mess up day and when you cry he always there to hold you in the end and tells you that it might not be okay now but later on everything else will be okay. he just doesn't say it but he show it with action that he loves you and you were being so stubborn and not seeing that our jealous because a fan sent him a heart and return it over stupid jealous and from him not saying happy anniversary.... he famous of course fans will tell him he cute and handsome and tell him I love you and of course he will say thank you and make a heart with his fingers he has too. "here... happy anniversary... happy last anniversary (Y/N) I love you so much it hurts" JB hitchs as he pulls out a small box with a small bow on top. you grab it as he walked outside while he exit the house you open the box to find a Dimond ring with letters in grave that said 'With this ring i make you mine' "Dork..." you sniffled as you took off running you tried to run as fast as you could in hopes you'll catch him in time. you look around and spot him over the other side of the street waiting for the bus. you smiled as you tried to catch your breath you were about to run across the street but stop as you notice the cars passing by but you panic because you notice the bus coming. you took a deep breath as you exhaled sharply you cuff your hand in front of your lips as you shouted loudly hid name repeatly. With one last chance as the bus was one stop away you cried out "JB DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!" JB looks up and see you at the other side while the bus stop in front of him. he walks away from the bus and to the stop light as he wait for it to turn green and when it does he runs towards you as you run to him with tears falling. JB picks you up as he spun around as he cried with you. "I'm so sorry" you cried "I'm sorry too" he apologized JB puts you down as he wipes your tears and kiss your forehead. "I do" You sob "Really!" JB shouts happily "YES I will marry you" "YES!! THANK YOU (Y/N) THANK YOU SO MICH" JB hollers in existent as he jumps up and down like a school girl. JB pulls out something from his pocket and ands it too you. it was a ring that said 'With this ring I'll be yours' you look up at him as he smile and stuck out his hand. you grab his warm large hands and slowly put the ring on his ring finger. JB pulls you in by your waist as he kiss you passionately you could still feel the butterfly every time just like the first time. the spark was were there and the butterfly will would flutter inside of your tummy and your heart skip a beat as time would stop it felt just like your first kiss. THE END!!!



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aaaaw😍😍 that was so bitter, tender, sweet, like a mixture really loved the end..❤❤ Lol!
a beautiful story (。・ω・。)ノ♡
@luna1171 thank chu!!
I loved it like ♡<3
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