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In Korean, using "this" and "that" is really easy and useful!

이 - This (close to speaker)
그 - That (close to listener)
저 - That (far from both speaker/listener)


이것 - This thing (ee-geot)
그것 - That thing by the listener (keu-geot)
그사람 - That person (by the listener) (keu-saram)
저사람 - That person (over there not near the conversation) (jeo-saram)

Listen at 0:54

이렇게 저렇게 이렇게 저렇게

(i-reo-ke jeo-reo-ke, i-reo-ke jeo-reo-ke)

Like this, like that, like this, like that

Does the 그 and 저 explanation make sense? Can anyone explain it more clearly (I feel like its hard to explain hahhaa)

I think you explained it well!! I did learn about this before on talk to me in korean and they explained it like this. 이= this (object your speaking about is near you) 그 = the/ that ( object is near the person your talk to) 저 = that (object of speech is far from both speakers)
I wonder if it harder to Korean then it is to learn English? I mean like a Korean learning English. I think leaning Korean can be difficult.
talk to me in korean explained it really well i think, its a level one lesson
that moment when you realize you already know these, THANK YOU K-DRAMAS😂😂😂
i feel like I'll remember this well since I love that song and also I already knew 이렇게 so that makes a lot of sense!!
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