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Other Girls Need Love too
[WARNING SUGGESTIVE PICTURES BUT NOTHING SHOWING] It's awesome seeing everyone's favorite characters! And they usually always have something in common... They have very BIG uhhh personalities XD and boobs too! But what about the other girls?
Is it only me? or does anyone else love petite or even just flat chested girls?
They barely get any attention unless they've got something big to throw in your face. Haruhi is pretty popular despite showing nothing
Or if they wearing something barely covering their body Like my girl Jinx
Hahah hahaa XD
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Omfg I hate when people say that whenever I like flat chested girls like holy shit what is wrong with liking someone without gigantic tits????
a year ago·Reply
Tomoko is fudging adorable
a year ago·Reply
boob size doesn't matter to me a whole lot but I will admit that I like big boobs
a year ago·Reply
Same honestly @Silverfang
a year ago·Reply
@Priscillasdoor agreed. petite is fine I think but as @AnimeFreak484 said people avoid it so they don't get labeled
a year ago·Reply