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I went to Fly in Dallas, and this was my second time seeing and meeting GOT7. It was a phenomenal concert, but I do have to admit that I like fanmeetings better. Unfortunately, Youngjae was sick, so he wasn't there. but the boys made sure to still make him feel included. Bambam said that he is going to ignore the haters and will never stop dabbing or whipping because he does it for us IGOT7s. Haha. They were all gorgeous and silly, like always, but Yugyeom needs to stay in his lane. This is twice that seeing him in person has done this to me, and seeing him in his underwear didn't help. I almost had a stroke. So what had happened was...for the fanmeeting last year I managed to get a front row seat in the very middle. This year, however, I wound up waaay over to the right about 4 rows back. This happened to be the ideal seat for seeing backstage on the opposite side. Which....just so happened to be the side that GOT7's dressing room was on. So while everyone else was watching a video in between performances, I was watching Yugyeom strip. *cue da blushing* The crew had forgotten to shut the curtain around their changing room, and Yugyeom was basically standing in the doorway. At first he was in a tank and pants, but then he started taking off his pants. BTW he wears boxers. Kekeke. Yeah, I almost fainted. Normally I'm a pretty calm fan. I don't really dance around at concerts or get crazy or anything (Gotta save that for Jimin...he makes me lose my cool). But at that moment, I was literally squealing and holding onto the girl next to me (whom I hadn't previously spoken to at all) for support. Then the crew realized the curtain was open (could probably see me spasming across the room) and shut it, but boy was it too late. Sorry, not sorry. Yugyeom in his boxers will forever be ingrained in my brain. *blog coming soon!*
@SatinSkies Have fun!!
Yugyeom has effect. I saw them for the first time in Canada in May and since that day, he has skyrocket up to bias wrecker status (no one will replace JB) but I totally feel you. I would have passed out if I was in your place. Can't wait to see what they have in store when I see them tomorrow!!
馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 oh my gosh this is gold!
Haha I wonder if he knows his fans saw him in his undies lol
@srhyne12 Thanks!! 馃槃
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