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So if any Starlight's have missed this, one of Vixx's performances on Hero's of Remix has been aired!!! As always they did FANTASTICALLY and the stage is amazing. Unfortunately this show doesn't have the best of press internationally, and many Starlight's don't know that we can vote!! Our votes are really needed, as our boys are loosing right now. There are tutorials that will show you how to so please vote for Vixx!!!!!!!
@TishForde You and I both. They deserve so much better than 4th place! Thank you for voting :)
@MelissaGarza I'm not sure when the voting time closes. Sorry! :) I would try to anyway and if you can't get it to work or keep getting errors, the voting may be closed.
I hope I did it correctly. VIXX FIGHTING!!!...鈽猴笍
I really want to vote馃, but I don't know how. Where can we find the tutorials?...馃槼馃檨 Edit: found it!!!
is it too late to vote?