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I recently had a company party where we wrote our first impressions of people on post it notes and stuck them on their backs.

You got to read all these people's first impressions of you, and to be honest, I wasn't really surprised by any of them.

I think we know ourselves pretty well, so I was wondering what YOU think people first think of you when they meet you?

Do people assume you're shy? Do people think you're scary and mean?

What first impression do you think you give off?

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I'm a helper and most people seem to sense it. I may be asked for directions, information or advice from complete strangers.
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I did a similar exercise once... apparently people think I'm intelligent, sweet, and determined. Pretty much the exact opposite of how I see myself (and what I assume people think).
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i feel.. it totally depends on me, how the other person should see me. so what I do is just dont give a damn about what he or she thinks about me.. and I just make sure that I'm correct and confident enough in whatever I do.
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I've been told by more that a few people, that I'm awkward AF
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. . . well one thing I don't forget is that 'I Am Me'
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