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One word...AWESOME!

The music was great. The dancing was great. The dabbing was great. The deafening screams of the crowd churned the intensely excited atmosphere.
They did all the favorites and more. Although Youngjae was still under from his illness he did his best-- which is more than expected and all that could be asked for. At the end he could not participate in hi-touch or group photo. But that's okay. He needs his rest to recoup.
The guys were really nice. In the pit, fans gave them phones for selfies--- and they really took them. I was like I need to be there next time! Bam Bam was cracking me up the whole night. I made eye contact with Jr and when he smiled I promise my heart stopped.
All in all, the night was superfantabulous! These guys are such hard workers and diligent in what that they do. I will always continue to root for them!
P.S. I would like to thank my sister who I dragged along with me for coming to the concert with me and indulging my happy madness.
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I was also there at the concert. It was lit asf