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Koreans Trying to Tell Western Celebs Apart

We've all heard it before: "How can you even tell them apart?"

But now, the tables are TURNED!

To be fair, I totally couldn't have gotten the guys correct either, or the Katy Perry ones!

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yea i have never been able to tell western celebrities apart. i dont even know their names
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that was awesome. I couldn't tell most of those photos apart either...then again, I don't really pay much attention
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*That's because they clone their favorite sex toys*... (it's cheaper that way) 馃槈
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I love hearing that *dang!* sound it makes me so happy hehehe. I feel accomplished I got them all right!
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I find it pretty weird that I'm pretty good at telling people apart regardless of race. Lol I know Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel-- her name isn't easy to spell. orz But, for some reason, I can tell them apart. Kristen Stewart and the girl that played in the movie Warm Bodies look so much alike as well. They always say that everyone has a twin. Apparently, some of us come in triplets and quadruplets. xD
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