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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of Vingle!

My name is Dani, also known as the Vingler Formally Known As @danidee, and I would like to take this moment to welcome you to the Funny Community!
This community is a place to laugh, share memes, webcomics, and silly YouTubes, and even write your own original humor content to share with the rest of your friends here on the Vingle app!

Our rules are few and simple:

1. Make sure that your content is intended to make people LAUGH. (No racist humor! And while we love inspirational quotes, there's plenty of other communities for them!)
2. Fandom funnies are okay. (Just keep them FUNNY! If it's more about a TV show synopsis or debating different anime rumors, they're not really intended for Funny!)
3. If you have any questions, contact me or @LAVONYORK. (This quarter she'll be holding things down as my trusty sidekick. So if you have questions, find us!)
This quarter is going to be filled with EVEN MORE fun - new Fun & Gamez, more polls and interactive activities, and the revival of some of our favorite funny fan clubs, including Rick & Morty, Archer, Steven Universe, and potentially even Adventure Time!

So make sure to keep checking in!

Happy 3rd Quarter, everyone!

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@BlackDragon88 Grammar Nazis unite!
@EvanYannetti Where is your comma?
In the camp
@EvanYannetti Now you forgot a period. These mistakes will get you killed. (Lol sorry, but at this point I feel it's necessary)
This is 2016, no period is needed in comments sections of videos and other such comment sections