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Lol... Don't you all think that this applies to most of the dramas we watch?
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but sometimes it's the dad who disapproves the relationship although rare eg The new tales of gisaeng.
@Aero2042 and the "girl beats up/hits boy"
much more the omonies who disapproves@oj1992 they are soooo scary sometimes lol!
haha soo true and datzwhy i just love the korean shows :) <3 but u r missing smthng the respect factor from everyone for the elders , the friends , for women, for family, for strangers/fans for their values, culture and traditions dis iz what i love the most and dis is smthng that make me keep coming back to korean shows the respect they have 4 everyone and i love and respect them soo much 2 :) <3
@saharjalpari9 hey you are so right! I notice this too.