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Hi Korean Movie Club (or new comers!)

This is a movie I've heard about a lot but have never gotten around to seeing, but I think I will this weekend :D
It is called "My Love, Don't Cross That River" and is about an elderly couple living in rural South Korea. The 89 and 98 year old still live independently and are still very much in love even after nearly 75 years of marriage.

The trailer makes the film look so adorable, though I'm sure there will be majorly heart breaking parts.

Here's the slightly longer trailer.

It looks like an insane tear-jerker but I really want to see it!

Has anyone else heard of it or want to see it? I'm scared I'm going to cry a ton!

Reminds me of an awesome song of the same name ^^ looks like I'd definitely be in sobbing mess multiple times in the film
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It's such a beautiful love between two people.
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just the teasers had my heart in intense tears
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it looks adorable but I think I would ugly cry while watching it
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I haven't, but I'm sure I'll ball like a baby when I see it
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