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Hello and welcome! Hope you're ready for those feels to kick in! ;D [Recap] Season 2 Premiere! And Taeyang's petal thus far! > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 ----> Episode 5 Ready to confront the sun after it burned so brightly for you? ;) Please enjoy! :D *bows*
Chapter 6~ Love You to Death takes over the speakers. You glance at phone and shake your head with a grin. "I thought I had picked my party playlist to help me right the uncomfortable feeling of being alone but I guess my own subconscious tricked my fingers into clicking my favorite playlist- The playlist of the sweetest forte with the voice of the purest soul, from the man with the brightest smile. The smile I fell in love with long ago when I needed some sort of light in my life. I guess- I guess you can say I fell in love with the sun long ago and still have a heart burning with the same intensity." Tae-Yang smiles with his eyes and pulls you back in for a tight embrace. "I've been wanting to confess for such a while now. I just- I just really didn't know how to." You lean your forehead against his shoulder as he sweetly hums the rest of the song to you. The beat to 1AM comes on, you giggle with the realization that you were showing him how much of a fangirl you were with all his songs under one playlist feeling his chest vibrate softly with a quiet chuckle. "You know." You smirk, "Just because I said I felt the same, doesn't mean I've forgiven you completely." Tae-Yang pulls back abruptly, making you grin from ear to ear at his serious reaction. "Aishh!" He lets you go and staggers backwards, burying his head in his hands for a moment before locking eyes with you once again. "Please, just tell me what I can do to make up for it." He pleads, pressing his hands together. You shrug and turn back to the refrigerator, "It's not my puzzle to solve." Tae-Yang sighs heavily, "I guess it's only fair." You turn your head to him and shoot him a playful wink. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" "Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, just like you enjoyed watching me get flustered over you." Tae-Yang walks over and washes his hands. "In that case, I'm not going to hold back on winning your forgiveness over." He helps you cook dinner, taking the dishes after you eat and following you out to the living room to watch a movie. Homie jumps onto Tae-Yang's lap but adjusts himself so his head rests on your thigh while his body stayed on his owner. You scratch Homie's head then lean down and plant a quick kiss on his head, making Homie wag his tail against Tae-Yang's stomach. Tae-Yang chuckles. " I figured Homie grew a crush on you while I was away." You grin. "Grew a crush on him too, in the process. He's a sweet dog." After a while, you yawn. Homie looks up then stands up and licks your cheek. You smile. "Bedtime boy?" Homie licks you again in agreement. Tae-Yang grins and reaches over to pet his dog. "I'll call it a night too then." The two of you stand up. You put Homie down on the ground while Tae-Yang turned off the television and the remaining lights. Homie takes off towards your room, you follow him, laughing as he runs up and jumps onto your bed. "You know, if you don't want him in here, I can just take him to my room," Tae-Yang says from behind. You turn around and notice him leaning against the doorway, fighting to keep the corners of his lips from twitching. "It's okay. He's keeps me warm at night since it gets chilly here pretty often." Tae-Yang ducks his head and smiles to himself, “Lucky dog, never thought he'd steal my girl away from me." You smirk. <<How cute.>> You lick your lips and lean in to plant a small kiss on his cheek, only to miss with his sudden move to look up and cause the kiss to land perfectly on his lips. His face turns bright red quickly, with yours equally flushed as you pull back. He looks away instantly, struggling to keep down his smile. You clear your throat, "S-sorry-" "Sorry." His words run into yours. You glance at each other and blush brighter, giggling nervously at his shy smile. "It's oka-" "Don't worry about it." Once again, you speak over each other. You cover your mouth with a hand and motion for him to speak with the other. Tae-Yang continues smiling, disregarding the rosy tint in his cheeks. He stares down at his feet and licks his lips. "Well, that's one way to do it but not how I planned our first kiss to go." <<Planned?>> You lower your hand from your mouth, "Oh? Then how did you plan it, if I may ask." His head rises, exposing a mischievous smirk. "A little more smoother like this." He grabs your hand and twines his fingers into it, taking his hand and sliding it under your jaw to pull your lips to his. For a moment, the kiss is soft and light, like the touch of a true gentleman, but something changes almost instantaneously. Tae-Yang leans in further, releasing your hand to wrap it around your waist, deepening the kiss with passion and a type of hunger that sent a warm tightening sensation down to your belly. He pulls back, flashing his bright white teeth with confidence. <<Whoa.>> "I-I see." "Still mad at me?" He asks with a wink. You yank your head out of Nirvana by swallowing hard and forcing yourself to maintain a straight face. "Yes." His face face falls cold. "I can kiss you again." <<Yes please.>> "I think that'll do you more harm than it will to me," You wink back playfully and reach for the door. "Good night oppa!" You blow him a kiss and close the door just in time. Your body collapses against the door. You lean your face on the cool wooden door to let the coldness help ease the burning sensation in your face. <<Holy crap. What the hell just happened?!>> Despite the rush of blood still lingering on your face, you crawl into bed and adjust yourself around the sleeping dog. <<What happened to Icarus when he flew too close to the sun? He died right? Am I going to die because I kissed the sun? Maybe from too much Vitamin D if he kisses me like that again.>> You open your office door the next day and freeze. <<What the?>> Sunflower bouquets cover your office from the desk to every available chair. You walk in slowly, glancing around for any signs of unwanted intruders until a burst of laughter from behind makes you whirl completely around. Seung-Ri and Ji-Yong stand in the doorway with Seung-Ri clinging onto Ji-Yong's arm to hold himself up while laughing. "Did you guys do this?" You ask, getting irritated with Seung-Ri's laughing. Ji-Yong smirks, "We were waiting for you to walk in so we could capture your reaction. It was TOP hyung's idea." "Yaah! She's here and you didn't wait for me?!" TOP yells, running over to smack Seung-Ri on the head once he reached the doorway. You furrow your eyebrows together. "Why?" Seung-Ri stands up straight and rubs his head, releasing the last of his chuckles. "Pretty fitting don't you think? Sunflowers?" You stare at him tensely. "What?" TOP snickers, you rip your eyes away from Seung-Ri and glare at TOP. "Don't give me that look, you need some sunlight in your life so why not bringing you the third thing closest to it?" "The third? What's the second-" your eyes widen instantly. "You did not." "Pretty neat ship name Dae-Sungie came up with," Ji-Yong says to TOP. "S-ship n-name?" "We should have filmed her reaction!" Seung-Ri grins. "Wait a minute-" you drop your things and scratch your head, turning to sigh in frustration before glaring back at them. "Ship names? Like ToDae and Nyongtory and-and GTOP and DaeRi?" You exclaim. "Damn, she knows them all too well," Seung-Ri smirks. "We are dealing with a loyal VIP here," TOP snickers. "Guys! Answers, now!" "Well look at it this way, it's cute and the public will love it," Ji-Yong smiles innocently. "The what-" "What are you guys doing here?" Tae-Yang shows up with Dae-Sung behind him. Dae-Sung squeezes his way around him and peers inside your office, instantly smiling when he saw the flowers. "Aiggoo! Was that today!? I though I still had time to grab my camera!" "You're in this too?!" You fume. "He's the one who came up with the name, the flowers were my idea, Seung-Ri paid for them and Ji-Yong set them up," TOP explains. "And you were also the one who snitched!" You hissed at him. TOP puts his hands up as Tae-Yang also squeezed his way through. "What's going on?" The members look down at him then grab him they become fully aware of his presence and push him inside the office with you. He looks around at the sunflowers then to you, "What's happening?" "The funeral of your beloved brothers, that's what's going to happen," you growl, balling up your fists. "Hey." Tae-Yang wraps his arms around you and rubs your back. "Murder is illegal darling, just let me take care of whatever they did later." Seung-Ri gasps, "Did I just hear 'darling'?" Dae-Sung chuckles, "No wonder he was in such a great mood on our way up." Ji-Yong grins, "I believe this is called a cannon?" TOP shakes his head with a smile, "About time you two." "Hyung! When!"Seung-Ri cries. Tae-Yang releases you then slips his hand into yours, blushing brightly when he realizes the members where still there. "Um-" "I'm still mad at him so it's not official yet," You answer with a smirk of your own. The members ooo. Ji-Yong reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, "Hyung, take this." He holds up his credit card to Tae-Yang. "Go get some chocolates, the biggest bouquet of flowers you can find, and some wine. That'll make her swoon." You scoff and flick your hair, "Wow, think you can buy me off so easily with gifts?" "She's right," TOP mumbles. "I got it!" Seung-Ri beams. "To the recording studio!" Dae-Sung laughs, "Dumby, she's going to think it we're plotting against her!" You roll your eyes, "You know what? All of you, out! I have work to do." You shush them out of your office, watching them grumble amongst themselves. "Even me, darling?" Tae-Yang smiles at you with his eyes once the others were heading into the studio. You smile back, "Yes, even you. It's too bright when you’re here, you'll just distract me." His face roses in color just as he reaches up to stroke your cheek, "Well, it always smells nice when you're around so it's equally distracting for me. I'll be a few doors down in case you need some sunshine." You cast your eyes down to hide your shy smile, "I'll keep that in mind even with the sunflowers in my office." He chuckles lightly then leans in to plant a soft kiss on your forehead. "Hyung! That's sexual harassment!" Dae-Sung yells. "Ooo! I'm telling! My innocent eyes cannot be exposed to such public display of affection!" Seung-Ri teases, covering his eyes. You roll your eyes at them again and wait for Tae-yang to enter the studio before closing the door. A few days later~~~ You pace back and forth- desperately trying to keep your composure as Tae-Yang sat on the couch with Homie on his lap, both of them looking up at you with big puppy eyes. A long sigh escapes your lips as your thoughts begin to settle down enough to formulate a logical sentence. "So. Let me get this straight." You begin. "These past few days, you've been trying to get on my good side with these," You point at the bags in front of you. "Things. Materials. And that's how you think I'll cave?" "I can expl-" "Hold up Mr. Strips-ALot, I'm not done." You cut him off with a hand. "First, a huge teddy bear with chocolates. Who's idea was that?" "Dae-Sungie." "Of course. Next, a fabulous and obviously expensive looking dress with the original idea from...?" "Ji-Yongie." "That's a no brainer. Then that same night, you pop out the wine and what was it? Vanilla ice cream? The master mind for this was?" "TOP hyung." "Mmmhmm. And lastly, you show up shirtless with a bottle of massaging oil. From- wait. Let me guess, Seung-Ri?" "Darling, I can explain-" "Explain? Goodness, please do so. I'm starting to think you're not actually meaning to ask for forgiveness-" He stands up abruptly, making Homie hop off his lap and onto the seat next to him. "I am baby, I am. The members were just trying to help, you know I'm not good at the whole relationship thing, I didn't know where to start and they were there trying to give me a hand, and well, they all have different takes one what I should do but it's still help." You stop pacing and look at him, feeling his dismay through the windows of his eyes. "Is there anything you thought up of, originally? Without any influence from the others?" His face lights up like the sun, "Yes, yes there is, and they all shut it down instantly but I'm gonna do it anyways." He steps closer to you and grabs your hands, wrapping his warm fingers over them. "Get some things ready because tomorrow, we're going on a date. Tae-Yang style."
Awww! All he's done for you! <3 <3 <3 Such a romantic man indeed! *swoons* Ladies and gentleman, it's that time again to start letting the petal fully unravel. By this, I mean that the next episode will be our last episode for Taeyang's petal. :( Don't feel sad because the sun is setting! DX Instead, look forward to the two petals left to uncoil! ;D Thank you for all of your support thus far! :D I'll see you at Taeyang's finale! <3 <3 <3 *bows*
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Aaaaiiiissssshhhhhh!!!!!! Why Mr. No Shirt gotta do this to me!!!!!
I hope he forgets his shirt for the date too! 😆
Mr. Strips-Alot! 😂 I thought the interaction with the guys was funny but that legit made me laugh out loud! Oh man, Tae making it a little steamy in this episode with that kiss. MmmMmmMmm. And where is he taking her?! I can't wait to see what a Taeyang style date is like!
Swooning here.. Swooooooning!!
OH HOW I WISH I WOULD HAVE BEEN RAISED IN KOREA! AND NOT JUST BORN THERE!!! (so I have been told but I don't believe my parents) AIGOOO! I COULDVE HAD A GENUINE CHANCE!!! had I been born like in the 90's but sadly I was not!!! whaa THISBIS AWESOME!!!