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This kid was my favorite "You can do it meme"
I can say I have not used this meme at all but slide over and look at the Meme grow up!
This meme was classic! It flooded the Internet, basically his meme was applicable to everything that was wrong.
this mean was always used if you had something cool to say and then they get it was something that was not cool. there are two gentlemen that claim to be the guy in the meme the verdict is still out there.
I don't know about you guys, but I definitely have used this meme for any type of stalker situation may her meme rest!
This meme ran strong, it was completely random. The people who put it together were usually the worst!
If we don't know this meme, we probably don't Internet enough XD.
That bro guy in the hat still looks like a bro with the hat off lol.
The "havin fern ain't herd wern u have a lerberry curd" is my favorite lol