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Welcome to the finale of Tae-Yang's petal!
Are you ready to watch the sun set on the beautiful journey! <3 :D
If you're scared of the dark, it's okay, there's still two more petals to get through that'll keep you company! :3
Before we conclude this~
Here is Season 2 Premiere in case you want to go through the previous petals again! <3
And here is Tae-Yang's journey!
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Chapter 7~
You pull the shirt over your head and slip your arms in through the opening, then tug it down and smooth it out with your hands before gabbing the black zip up jacket off your bed and stepping outside of your room.
You close the door gently and look up, catching Tae-Yang looking at you from down the hall.
His eyes begin to smile as he softly chuckles to himself, fully amused by you.
You raise an eyebrow at him.
"Cute." He replies, pointing at your outfit and his.
You look down to double check your clothing options. A white T-shirt with denim shorts and black and white Converses. You glance back at him and notice his white T-shirt, denim jeans, and similar Converse shoes.
You blush and put your hand on the door handle. "I can go change if you'd like-"
"No!" He runs up to you and scoops up your hand, bringing it up to his lips for a gentle kiss on your knuckles. "I like that we're matching. Like a real couple."
You look away, feeling your heart begin to race out of control with the realization of how close is was to you.
"Okay." You reply in a small voice.
He grins then leans in to kiss your forehead. "Come on, I have the whole day planned out."
Tae-Yang twines his fingers into yours and guides you out to the car, opening and closing the door for you before getting into the drivers seat and taking off.
He weaves around traffic, using the tips he had given you long ago by using calmer streets to avoid heavier patches of traffic.
His thumb on top of yours would often caress it, reminding you of his presence throughout the constant looks out the window. You'd flicker your eyes to him and watch his face hold onto a warm smile that made your heart beat louder against your chest.
<<Is he really all mine?>>
The car weaves in and out of a parking lot until Tae-Yang finds a clearing and manages to park the car before someone else claimed the spot. He shuts off the engine then reaches into the glove compartment and pulls out two white medical masks, handing one to you.
"You ready?" He says before slipping it on.
<<That's right. I'm with an idol.... I have to be careful.>>
You nod your head slowly and carefully put on the mask.
He hopes out of the car and runs over to your side to open your door.
"Where exactly are we?"
His eyes scrunch up into a eye smile, "The zoo."
He holds your hand and guides you towards the entrance, whipping out his wallet to pay without giving you a chance to offer to pay for your own ticket.
You walk around, taking your time to visit and take pictures of the animals, laughing at Tae-Yang's quirky jokes, smiling every time his thumb would caress your own.
You wonder into the gift shops, looking at different souvenirs then pick up a large plushy monkey, remembering the BigBang concert where all the members had dressed up like animals.
Tae-Yang chuckles behind you, "You have good taste, remind me to wear my monkey suit for you on Halloween."
You turn around and grin at him, "I'll have to get a banana costume in order to make it match."
His eyes light up. You set the monkey down, only to feel it get yanked out of your arms by him. "I'm gonna buy it for you as a reminder of that promise."
You laugh, "I'll remember without you having to buy it!"
He shakes his head and heads to the register, "Too late."
You chase after him, wrapping your arms around him from behind as he finished paying for the plushy.
"Oh, so now you love me?" He turns his head to you and teases.
"What? I've always loved you. Even when you're being a butt and pretending to be sick." You wink playfully.
The employee behind the cash register tilt her head. "Excuse me, are you Tae-Yang? Like, BigBang's Tae-Yang?"
Your body freezes.
Tae-Yang turns to her and bows his head, "Yes."
The employee blushes and bows back, "I'm a big fan, please," she grabs a piece of paper and a pen. "May I have your autograph?"
He nods again and picks up the pen. You flicker your eyes around and notice other individuals in the store start to stare, making you slowly pull back your arms and inch away.
Tae-Yang turns around and grabs your hand, pulling you towards him as he thanks the employee and grabs the plushy monkey.
You head out of the gift shop with him, glancing around at the few people that had began to whisper among themselves.
<<Of course this would happen. Of freaking course! I'm dating an idol, I'm in public with an idol! This is where it all goes down the drain! I'm ruining his image and I'm setting things up for a disaster!>>
Tae-Yang leads you to a small bench in a corner of the zoo, pulling you in front of him to hug you tightly.
"Don't think negatively." He whispers softly, tugging down his mask.
"How am I not supposed to? We're drawing attention because I'm with you-"
"We're drawing attention because I'm me. Because I'm an idol and I'm out in public with my girlfriend. I brought you out here on a date just like any other boyfriend would with their girlfriend. Don't let the public get to you, okay?"
"But opp-"
"Shush." He leans in and kisses your forehead. "I won't let anyone hurt you nor will I let anyone spoil our date. Okay?"
You unhook your mask from one ear and kiss his cheek. "Okay."
You continue walking around the zoo with Tae-Yang, holding tightly onto the stuffed monkey with one hand and holding Tae-Yang's hand with the other.
Those around you either walked by without noticing you and Tae-Yang, or stopped to whisper, some even taking pictures with their phones.
You'd keep your eyes down whenever you'd hear the sound of a camera shot, clinging onto the monkey even tighter, but with Tae-Yang constantly talking to you, chuckling, and pointing at animals, it became easier and easier to tune out the rest of the world.
You stop in front of the pandas to watch Tae-Yang take a Snapchat to send it to Seung-Ri, giggling when he spins you around to take a selca.
"Of course, always count on the maknae to make an unexpected appearance on our date." He chuckles.
"Um- excuse me?"
You both look down and see a little girl, shifting her weight from side to side as she looked up at you and Tae-Yang.
"Are you Tae-Yang oppa?" She asks, blushing brightly.
Tae-Yang removes his mask and smiles warmly at her. "Yes I am."
Her face lights up with a brighter shade of blush. "C-can I take a picture with you and panda oppa?"
You grin at her innocence then step aside to let Tae-Yang and the little girl have a picture with the pandas.
She turns to you and smiles, "Are you oppa's girlfriend?"
Your cheeks rosy up. "Um, y-yes."
Her smile widens, "Can I take a picture with you too?"
You glance at Tae-Yang, noticing him nod encouragingly.
<<Well, she does remind me of Benji.... Can't say no to such a cute face, right?.>>
You squat down and wrap an arm around her.
"Here, let me get that for you." Her tiny hands reach around your ears and pull off your mask. "My daddy told me that pretty girls aren't suppose to hide their beauty." She giggles.
The photo is taken quickly. You stand up and catch her eyeing the stuffed monkey in your hands.
You smile and squat back down. "Is Tae-Yang oppa your favorite it BigBang?"
She nods excitedly, lowering her head to hide her blush as soon as she hears Tae-Yang chuckle.
"He's my favorite too." You grin at her. "Did you know oppa dressed up as a monkey one time and preformed at a concert?"
"It's my favorite video." She smiles.
"Here." You hand her the monkey. "So you can remember how silly oppa is."
She hugs the plushy tightly and bows immediately. "Thank you miss-" she looks up and stares at you. "Eonni, aren't you the Foreign Flower?"
You stand up and reach into your pocket for the medical mask.
"Eomma! Look! It's Foreign Flower eonni!"
Dozens of eyes instantly fall on you. A cold shiver runs down your spine, making Tae-Yang reach over and rub your back.
The little girl looks at you again and beams, "Thank you for taking a picture with me eonni. I'm glad you and oppa are together, please take care of him, and oppa," she looks at Tae-Yang. "Please take care of eonni, she's my favorite too."
She bows once more then runs off to her mother.
You slowly turn to Tae-Yang, catching his eye smile before his face became serious. "You don't look worried that I've been exposed." You mutter in a low voice.
His eye smile returns as he slips on his mask. "Nope."
You raise an eyebrow. "Why?"
He grabs your hands and caresses your knuckles with his thumbs, "Because i just promised a little girl to take care of you and that's why I plan on doing. Come on, let's leave and grab some lunch before it gets crowded."
As you make your way out of the zoo, dozens of people begin to pull out their phones to take photos. Tae-Yang pulls you in closer and closer until he lets go of your hand and wraps an arm around your waist. You manage to get to the car without anyone following you and take off.
You arrive home later into the evening after having spent dinner at a nice restaurant in a private sector that was reserved specifically for Tae-Yang.
You settle down on the couch next to him flipping through the channels with Homie resting peacefully on your lap.
He stops at a channel where photos of you and Tae-Yang appear, some of them while you walked, others of when the little girl appeared.
"Well, all we have to wait for is for the boss to confirm our relationship."
"Confirm our relationship?!"
He nods without tearing his eyes away from the screen. "It's the only thing he can do now. The public seems to love us."
<<He could fire me and never let me see you again and make me go back home to the States..... or make it look like an accident and kill me for getting involved with you.....>>
You sigh. "We'll see."
You spin yourself in a circle in your office chair the next day. Struggling to keep your thoughts off of the media reports that had been flooding the internet ever since the photos of you and Tae-Yang at the zoo emerged.
<<Am I waiting for death? Is this where I get too close to the sun and just, die?>>
You spin yourself around again and lean your forehead against the back of the chair.
"Is this why you moved down here? So I couldn't watch you do whatever the hell you're doing?"
You stop immediately at the sound of another person in your office and look ahead, feeling the urge to vomit out of fear when you notice the CEO in the doorway.
"N-no sir."
He grins. "I haven't come down to see your new office since you moved so I figured I'd pay a visit before I headed into the recording studio."
You stand up and instantly grab onto the edge of your desk to keep yourself from falling over due to the lack of balance from spinning. T-take a seat, s-sir."
He steps inside and waves a hand, "It's okay, I won't take much of your time. Nice sunflowers by the way."
Your cheeks flush in color. "T-thank you."
"Guess I'll have to send in a confirmation by tonight to avoid trouble don't you think?"
He turns to face you directly. "The SunFlower ship right? You and Tae-Yang being a couple?"
"Sir, I am so sorry about this-"
He holds his hand up. "Don't apologize, I already knew this was going to happen."
You wince, "You already knew?"
He smiles to himself and shakes his head. "Young-Bae is a gentle soul, wouldn't even hurt a fly. But even you noticed his out of character behavior when you got threaten, even went out of his way to convince me to change your office. Noticed it right off the bat."
You stare at him.
"I heard you're mad at him for something he did? What did he do?"
A grin breaks the seriousness of your face. "He pretended to be sick when he came back from Japan in order to get me to stay with him longer since I was house sitting but I'm stopped being mad at him almost immediately. I'm just putting up the act to watch him get flustered."
YG chuckles, "I like your way of thinking." He looks around and sighs, "Keep up the good work, I'll take care of the rest."
He exits your office and leaves you alone. You sit back down and lean your head back against your chair.
<<That was wayyy too smooth for my taste. I really thought he came in here to bite my head off....>>
The days proceed with more photos of you and Tae-Yang on your date being released by those who were actually there, and with YG confirming the relationship, it only emphasized the light you two were standing under.
But as Tae-Yang predicted, the public had fallen in love with the budding romance. Actual sunflowers were being sold all over South Korea in florist shops due to the demand in order to show support.
Fresh sunflowers were brought into your office from those who had sent them as fanmail, brightening up your office enough to give it a warm vibe every time you entered and every time you left.
Tae-Yang started coming home with sunflowers he'd too received as fanmail, making you giggle whenever he'd walk through the door with the bouquets in his hands, smiling at you with his eyes.
Eventually things started to settle down the more you and Tae-Yang went out on public dates, but when you'd have stay at home dates, it was filled with great food, full of laughter, and plenty of kisses here and there.
It had become a regular routine for Tae-Yang to walk you to your room at night and kiss you goodnight, even though he'd stall to get another kiss or two before you closed the door in order to hide your burning face.
The idea of cuddling popped in your head one night during dinner, and after putting things away, you took the opportunity and snuggled up to him on the couch, making Tae-Yang blush regardless of his beaming smile.
"How long will your brother have Homie?" You ask with latent intentions.
He shrugs, "I take it a couple of days."
You fake a shiver, "sure miss my cuddle buddly, it's getting chilly at night."
He rubs your shoulder, "I'll make sure to bring you some extra blankets before bed."
You press your lips into a thin line. <<Or, you could just come to bed with me and cuddle....>>
Like every other night, Tae-Yang walks you to your room once you both decide to call it in, and kisses you goodnight, leaving you change into your pajamas and pull your covers off to crawl in, staring at it for a moment.
<<How do I get him to come back?>>
A knock on your door makes you jump. You open the door and see Tae-Yang standing in the hallway with an extra blanket.
"I remembered that you mentioned you were cold just as i walked away. Here, I wouldn't want you to get sick."
A light switch flickers on in your head. "Actually, now that you're here, something is up with my bed."
His eyebrows furrow, "Oh? What is it?"
You lead him inside and stand close to the bed. He squats down and checks underneath the mattresses.
"No no, oppa. You have to lay on it in order to feel what I mean."
Tae-Yang gets back up and climbs onto your bed, adjusting himself to comfortably. "Hmmm, feels good to me."
"Really? Maybe it's just me then," you crawl onto the bed beside him, laying your head in his chest and wrapping an arm around his stomach. "Ah, there we go. Much better! Problem solved, just needed a little sunshine in my bed."
His eyes scrunch up into an eye smile as he laughs. "I see what you did there. You tricked me huh?"
You pull your head back and meet his gaze. "I learn from the best," you wink.
He chuckles, "Aishh. You're lucky I love you too much to get mad."
You lay your head back down and close your eyes, feeling his fingers run through your hair gently.
"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" He whispers softly.
"Oppa, I forgave you a long time ago. I just liked watching you get flustered over the topic."
His body vibrates with a soft chuckle, "then I guess I'll have to let you keep tricking me into your bed from now on."
You grin against his chest, "but next time, forget the blanket bring the Homie instead.
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