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Can we all just take a moment to realize our life as fangirls?
1. Bias Wreckers Oh how we love them so yet we hate them also. They just somehow always never end up staying in their lanes causing us to take charge and bop them back.
2. Feels Our feelings tend to get the best of us, causing us to either cry of joy, or cry of sadness. We turn into these balls of rice who have been loving way too much for our own good.
3. Probably never getting to meet your oppas in real life "Why must you live across the Pacific Ocean!?" We all want to see our oppas live in concert but we either don't have the money or can't go in general and we all are very upset about it.
4. Goal is to move to South Korea After all, that's where all the kpop idols are! Not to mention the amazing culture and don't get me started on what amazing food they have! Moving or visiting Korea is one of our future goals in life and hopefully it comes true!
5. Jealous of Korean fans They get to see all their comeback stages and see them almost all the time! Heck, they even breathe the exact same air as them! "Why can't I live by you oppa!?"
6. Do I even need to explain this one?
7. Last but not least, Accepting or fate We all know how hard idols work and appreciate all their efforts and hard work. We might not ever see them in person, we might not live in South Korea, we might not have enough money but we do love our idols very much and wish them the best for everything.
사랑해요! 화이팅!
this is so true! I guess that makes me a fan girl 😀
Yup, all so true, sadly, so true!