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Well this is my first card soooooo sorry, hope I get better with these as time goes on, but anyway let's get started xD
Perona from One Piece. I absolutely love this girl xD. Especially her interactions with Zoro, she acts like she doesn't care, but she totally does.
She deserves more respect than she gets. Especially with her devil fruit ability, if it was not for Ussop, the crew might have been in big trouble.
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Hello and Welcome!馃榿
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hello and i feel the same way but i like her laugh
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Hi and welcome! 馃槃
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@kell13 @Konsutansu @YumiMiyazaki thanks xD and @chuyslim ikr her laugh is great xD
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hura hura hura hura P.S. HER EYES
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