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Thanks to too many hours spent as kids on the playground during recess, I think it's safe to say that we're all pretty good at coming up with quick and hilariously immature things to call other people.
Space Ghost, for example, has coined the gem 'six-piece chicken McNobody' - which I may just have to start calling everyone who gets on my nerves from now on.

What's your favorite immature insult?

I personally like calling people 'stoops'. Or 'stoops and salad'. Or 'Toolio Iglesias'. Or 'Toolia Roberts'. Or just an entire room of people as a 'toolshed' and/or 'Home Depot' (because Home Depot is a superstore full of tools).
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@JPBenedetto Bahahah I love asshat too. Even just butthead. Anything involving butts.
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thumb sucker. whining weewee. mucus licker.
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@nuurussubchiy Ewwww mucus lickerrrr. :(
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@danidee it's salty but not tasty, have you ever tried? 馃槀
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@nuurussubchiy No... o.o
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