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It's time for some more Funny Community Fun & Gamez!

Today's game is called the Build-A-Sentence Game, and the rules are pretty simple - though I can't promise the game is!

Here's how you play:

1. I will put choose 5 random letters.
2. In that order, the first person who comments has to create a sentence by having each word start with a letter. (Example: D Q R S E. --> Dennis Quaid rode seven elephants.)
3. After they make their sentence, they choose 5 letters for the next commenter!
Let's see how long we can keep this up!

My 5 letters for the first commenter are...

W H I T E.

Never Ever Kill Off Senpai P I Z Z A
Obese Children? HA American Natives (I don't mean native Americans) N E K O S
Every cute cat hates ignorance O C H A N
Today Eat To Survive Underlings E C C H I
i will tell him something T e t s u
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