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You won't find me marathoning many TV shows, but then again, not every TV show is an America's Next Top Model for queens.

I love RuPaul's Drag Race. In fact, you could probably say that I'm a super fan. I've seen almost all of the show's eight seasons, and I even have my own personal favorites - Adore Delano, KimChi, and Ivy Winters, if you're wondering.
Not only does the show pull you into the vibrant drag queen culture, but each contestant's personal story and hilarious way of handling drama. Their one-liners are so biting and funny that I feel like my OWN vocabulary's been forever changed by them.

Here's some things you might hear someone who's watched WAY too much Drag Race regularly say:

For those days when the forces of evil are getting you down.

When you hear one of your friends subtly dig on someone else.

When you hear someone else subtly dig on YOU.

When you know you look MORE than good. You look sick'ning.

When someone wearing caked-on makeup tries to call you ugly.

When you finally let all the negativity just roll off of you.

Still have no idea what this one means, and I STILL say it.

When you're in need of some serious self-love.

So who else has a Drag Race obsession?

If not, is there another TV show or movie that's greatly influenced the way you and your friends speak?

Let me know in the comments below!
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@arnelli UMMM.. Season 7 was my favorite.
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@danidee It's awesome!
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@YumiMiyazaki I will have to start it this weekend.
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@danidee Awesome!
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