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So convention season is upon us, as it's been for quite some time, but with LA's Anime Expo currently in full effect, I've been seeing tons of awesome cosplay pictures taken by friends who were lucky enough to get their hands on some passes this year.
I was stoked to find that - even though Rick & Morty has been on hiatus for just about forever - people are still cosplaying as different R&M characters when they go to cons!

Here are some pics I was able to find of R&M cosplay at conventions that have happened so far this year.

Which ones are your favorite?

Unity and Beta-Seven from 'Auto Erotic Assimilation'

Poopy Butthole, Rick, and just about the creepiest Mr. Meeseeks I've ever seen

Rick and Morty

Snowball and Rick - Look at the size of that flask!

A gender-swapped Rick - Rita? Renee?

Even more Meeseeks wildin' out

Another gender-swapped Rick, this time with Morty AND a Meeseeks box

So, fellow members of the Interdimensional Council of Fans, who do you think did it best?

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@danidee HAHA you got me good P.s. best scene ever
E. P. I. C. OMG. These would be so much fun to do!! ^_^
@arnelli If I were Snowball, I'd ask the same thing.
@ButterflyBlu WHO WOULD YOU COSPLAY AS? If I had to pick an R&M character, I'd probably dress up as Fart or Scary Terry.
@danidee agreed