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My Favorite Kpop-Turned-Jpop Songs!

Tons of Korean artists are heading to Japan to gain more fans, and as a result a lot of great music has been born!

Here are a few of my favorite Korean artists that sing in Japanese :D

Tohoshinki - Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

The OGs!!! They were the first group to go to Japan and really paved the way for the rest of Kpop to come over to the Jpop world!

Big Bang - Koe Wo Kikasete

This is honestly one of my favorite Big Bang songs ever, in Korean OR Japanese! It's a really nice slow pop song that shows off their vocals :3

SNSD - Mr. Taxi

GUILTY PLEASURE SONG ALERT - I freaking LOVE this song and I have no idea why. And yes, I learned the dance lol!

VIXX - Cant' Say

My bias is showing...I love that Hakyeon is so good at Japanese and I love the styling of this video/song :3

What other Kpop artists that went to Japan do you love now?!

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a year ago·Reply
I like Boyfriend's Japanese songs.
a year ago·Reply
vixx x.xdepend on me gets me.. and i kike all the songs you posted...also taemins japanese solo is my recent obsession
a year ago·Reply
Yas! TVXQ!
a year ago·Reply
Ukiss and SHINee!
a year ago·Reply