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As much as I dig sports anime, I haven't yet watched Haikyuu. I KNOW. I mean, I watched the first two episodes with my friend recently, but I haven't yet watched it all.
But Season 3 was recently confirmed, which means that it is TIME!!!!
Season 3 will start in October in the fall 2016 anime season, which means I have a few months to catch up & make sure I'm ready for all that there is to come :3 Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy should be good, and I wanna be ready to watch it!!!!

So, should I binge it or space it out?

How do you guys think it's more enjoyable? Let me know so I can enjoy it as much as possible. Don't worry @VoidX, I'll watch Food Wars S1 and start S2 before I do this :P
@PASCUASIO Alright then I might wait a bit longer to watch it :P closer to when season 3 comes out lol!! Otherwise I'll get impatient :D
binge.ing is not a bad idea for this anime. watching all that goes on is gonna make you not want to wait to see the rest of it
I binge watched the first season before the second season came out, and again during the second season because the kids wanted to watch it. Now I'll watch 1 and 2 probably the week before season 3 is released. I really like sports animes in general, but Haikyuu is probably my favorite.​
@Shiskra Cooll :) good to know it works both ways. So many of my friends love Haikyuu so i wanna see what all the hype is about. I enjoyed the first 2 eps.