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What kind of book lover are you?

The detective?
The multi-reader?
The tragic book reader?
The sci-fi/fantasy reader?
Or the self developmental reader?
I am a mix of a few of these! I'm mostly a sci-if/fantasy reader, but I'd also say that I'm a tragic book reader. I love me some good drama & intrigue!! But I like it to be a bit mysterious, too.

What would you call yourself?

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@CallMeMsDragon That's a great way to be!!
a year ago·Reply
@deilig I feel like tragic fantasy stories often get my attention the most :)
a year ago·Reply
@EasternShell That's awesome! I feel I might enjoy my reading more if I did this. The most I'll do is have an audio book I listen to at work & read something different before bead.
a year ago·Reply
I mostly read science fiction and detective. there's just something about the way Michael Crichton writes that makes forget everything else.
a year ago·Reply
@AdityaImmaneni Any author that can take you away is the best kind to keep reading!!
a year ago·Reply