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Notorious prankster ObviousPlant is at it again - this time, sneakily posting some hilarious 'animal facts' next to various habitats at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Ever want to know why penguins look like they're wearing tuxedos? Or maybe how koalas are related to the TV show 'Friends'?

Check out ObviousPlant's zany zoo animal trivia below:

Suddenly, I want to be a meerkat in my next life.

This would be absolutely terrifying if it were true.

Monocle-wearing penguins would be kind of cute.

I don't want to know what a sad owl looks like.

I know what I want for my next birthday...

I wonder how many people turned around.

This is probably the most believable fact so far.

So which one was your favorite fact?

And while we're on the topic, what's your favorite animal?

Let me know in the comments below!
Duck parade! 馃悿馃悿馃悿馃悿馃悿馃悿馃悿
These are too hilarious!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I'm dying from laughing
@SimplyAwkward Adorable !!!
barn owl my girlfriend didn't think it was funny but I Loved it
I like the crested screamer one lol
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