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Bold --> Internal Speech
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Genre: Comedy, Romance, Author AU
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1,530
Summary: Reading fanfiction on the train leads to more than just another story.
Part 3/
Future Mature warnings... but nothing for the moment.
The rest of my workday was spent trying to keep the attention of ANY of the students. They were having none of it.
“TEACHER!! Go early!” a little boy whose English name was Jason cried. His head was on his desk rolling about. He hadn’t listened to a dang thing I’d said the whole 3 hour study session we had. I sighed quietly, then forced a giant, toothy grin onto my face, it probably looked more like a grimace.
“Sorry Jason, no can do. We still have 30 minutes left in class,” his shoulders drooped. “We still have to get through the listening portion, and then we have a game!” Almost simultaneously 15 dark little heads popped up from their desks at the mention of a game. I looked at the eager faces. Well, I can’t get out of THAT statement anytime soon.
Eventually we skipped the majority of the listening section to play a game. This was easier for me as well, but it allowed for too much time to think about the encounter from that morning. Did it really happen? Was he really real? Probably not, I probably fell asleep and dreamed the whole thing. You know... except the fact that I’d been 15 minutes later than usual to work that morning because I had gotten off the train at the wrong stop.
Shaking myself to stop daydreaming and pay attention to my charges, I smiled and clapped as one of the children answered the question on the board correctly, effectively winning the game and finishing up class.
~Later that Evening~
I dashed towards the gate just as it was being shut by the subway worker. He smiled in greeting, and then shook his head. I’d missed the train home, again.
Huffing out the breath I’d been holding while running I forced what I hoped was the last smile for the day and started walking towards the exit I had come from. I really needed to stop doing all my grading right after class... I could take it home and not miss the train…
“Aw DAMMIT!” a voice rang out in the quiet of the empty station. I turned to look. Catching a glimpse of white blonde hair and distractingly deep dimples, I whipped my head back, covering my face partially with my hand. It was HIM! HE WAS REAL! I picked up my steps trying to get as far away from the embarrassment of him remembering who I was.
“Wait!” He’d seen me. “Y/N!” He caught up to me in just a few strides. Who even has legs that long? I turned to him, the surprise I felt clearly evident on my face, causing one of those deep chuckles to rumble from his chest. Oh my gosh... was I even THINKING in FanFiction now?
“Oh... hey... Namjoon... right?” Play it cool, make it seem like you HAVEN’T been thinking of his name all day...
“You remembered me! Whew!” He wiped invisible sweat from his brow. “I thought I’d have to reintroduce myself after you started walking away so quickly.” The amusement was back in his face. So my plan of retreat didn’t go unnoticed.
She RAN from me? Uuugh... she DOES think I’m a stupid sex fiend creeper! I almost hung my head in shame. But she was still talking to me so, that’s a good sign?
“Hey, umm...”I stuttered out the words. “I’m REALLY sorry about making you feel awkward this morning...” Her eyes squinted a bit, a look of confusion on her face. Might as well come clean about my creepy stalking of her on the train... “You see, I’ve actually seen you on the train a couple times, and noticed you got off earlier than I’m sure you anticipated... and I’m pretty sure that’s my fault, and I just wanted to say I was sorry that I made you feel you needed to... well... not that I think my doings have any influence on you... you could have had an appointment at a different location.” Stop talking mouth... just... stop. “I just notice that you get off at this stop most days, and I... not that I’ve been stalking you or anything...” oh right... NOW you don’t sound like a stalker sex fiend... This is going swimmingly. Oh just finish apologizing and offer to share a cab home! “But... umm... Yeah... I’m really sorry.” I bowed deeply and quickly.
So much information... all at once. Oh my word... I looked into his face... he genuinely looked sorry... which was a little unexpected. I didn’t want him to be sorry, he made my morning a little more interesting... and that’s helpful... and he was pretty cute... I pushed my thoughts aside. “Oh! You’re fine! I will admit you caught me off guard, but it’s a funny story to tell everyone later... heh... heh... umm... do you want to ca-”
“Do you want to get...?”
We’d interrupted each other; I bit back my blush again. “Please, go ahead.”
He looked like he was going to argue, but then sighed and then smiled. “Do you want to get a cup of coffee or something then share a cab home?” I brightened my smile, (a real one this time) and accepted his request... even though I don’t drink coffee.
We headed to the nearest café. He stopped suddenly and turned to me, “I didn’t even ask if you LIKED coffee, I’m sorry... do you want coffee?”
I smiled again, “Alas dear sir,” I mimicked him from earlier, “I don’t drink coffee in general, and probably not this late at night, but I’m super interested in trying one of the Ades here.”
He smiled at my ‘Dear Sir,’ comment and then started to laugh.
“What’s funny is I don’t drink coffee either, but I figured it’s a good place to get to know someone, so... perhaps we’ll both try the Ades.”
After asking the flavor I wanted he suggested I find a table for the two of us while he ordered. I found a semi-secluded table in the corner of the shop... still within eyesight of people (in case he was a very charismatic serial killer... Ted Bundy guys... Ted Bundy), but private enough we could talk at a normal speaking level without disturbing others.
He came back with a little disk in his hands.
“How much do I owe you?” I asked, starting to pull out my wallet. He shook his head.
“Consider it my payment for making you hop off the train early today. I’m sure your job wasn’t terribly happy with you being late.”
I shook my head laughing. “Oh... they don’t mind much... I go in earlier than I’m supposed to anyway, so I was technically right on time!” I might have been lying a little bit... I was right on time, but as I ALWAYS came in early the owners were slightly miffed at my ‘tardiness’.
“Well I’m glad I didn’t get you in trouble!” He smiled again. It literally made my heart melt. Could someone this cute REALLY be talking to me?
We continued talking and laughing until the workers decided that it was WAY past time to be polite to us and asked us rather bluntly to leave so they could also go home. Standing outside we continued to talk, until we found a free cab.
This was it... I’d had a mental debate throughout our conversation... I don’t think he’s a serial killer... and since this is practically a Fan Fiction writing itself...
“Would you like to come over to my house?” I practically shouted at him. He smiled.
“I would love to, but alas... I try to save the ‘late night house visits’ until at least the 3rd date...” He’s a GENTLEMAN! “Speaking of which, do you have some time this Saturday? I would like to take you on a real date, a date where we see each other in daylight... and I promise it won’t involve a conversation on the sexual prowess of Chinese Gymnasts.”
Stop fluttering heart! Stop it! You’re beating loud enough everyone can HEAR YOU!
“I would like that, not that I didn’t enjoy our conver..." Stop... just stop... just give him your number and stop rambling about Chinese Gymnasts "Um... here, give me your phone and I’ll give you my number,” I put my name under Chinese Gymnast (wink wink) and sent myself a text. “Just let me know the time and place!”
By now the taxi driver was getting impatient and asked gruffly if we were going to use the cab or not. Chuckling again at our complete lack of social niceties, I quickly slid in motioning for Namjoon to join me. Namjoon leaned in, and said something low in Korean to the driver.
“Actually, I’m going the other way, Good Night!” and so quickly I didn’t have a chance to react, he kissed me on the cheek and shut the door. The driver took off right away, and all I could do was look back at his bemused face and wave goodbye. I leaned back into the seat after giving the driver my address; I guess having the beginnings of a Fanfiction Romance wouldn’t be so bad after all.
And here we go... I'm not proud of how long this took me guise... I'm sorry! But I'm back in the states, I'm back on a (semi) regular sleeping schedule, and I will keep this going! wooh! I will actually try to have the next chapter up in the next couple of days... to make up for my delinquency... Lemmy know if you want to be tagged!
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