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If you can't tell, this amazing man right here is my favorite anime/manga character. Trafalgar Law ( of the One Piece universe) ate the Ope Ope no mi, or in english the Op Op fruit, when he was a child and became a operation man.
He is a Doctor of great skill, proven multiple times during the show, like when he save Luffy and Jinbe during the Marineford Arc, and even saving himself from a supposedly incurable diseases as a child (with the help of his fruit).
Not only is he an accomplished doctor, but amazing fighter as well. Able to take on foes like Smoker, Vergo, and Doflamingo. All in all, I have to say Law is a great character all around. Great character development, sad but inspiring back story, and he looks great on screen or paper as well
Plus he's rather sassy don't you think
Yay he is one of my favs too😊😊😊
@kouvarisb haha me too