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Another bad @ss of the One Piece universe, Eustass Kid. Not much is know about this character, but I have high hopes for the future since it looks like he might be a big part of the series later on.
Kid has devil fruit, but the name has yet to be revealed. Though it would seem to have something to do with magnetism. He is the only member out of the supernovas/worst generation to have a bounty bigger than Luffys, before the 2 year time skip Luffys 300 million bellis, where as Kids was 315 million.
He is also the only one out of the Worst Generation before the 2 year time skip, other than luffy, to have another member on his crew with a bounty over 100 million. That man being Killer the "Massacre Soldier" with a pre- time skip bounty of 162 million.
Its said the reason Kids bounty is so much higher than Luffys is that unlike the Strawhats, The Kid Pitates don't care about casualties. They kill indiscriminately, women and children, civilians, whatever. If you get in their way, you most likely will end up dead. Kid even stated at one point that killed anyone who laughed at him or his dream of finding the "One Piece".
But even so I can't help but love this man. He's in my eyes has got the biggest balls in "One Piece"! He challenges a Yonku head on. Like damn son xD. And I feel he the most like a real pirate in "One Piece".
Watch out for this bad boy, he might just take your life.