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I just felt like making a card about My Precious Joonbug today. Excuse me while I have a Fangirl Moment.

He's So Freakin' Handsome!!!

He's SO CUTE!!!

And he's so Sexy!

Joonie, Can you please Stop Killing me!?

Your Smile Makes my Heart Race!

If People only saw what an Amazing Guy you are.
And if You only Knew...
If Only I could Tell you...
How Much I Love you, Kim Namjoon.
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hes such an amazing leader and very talented. BTS is so lucky to have a guy like him
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Ohhh his dimples kill me and then those sexy eyes *faints*
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He is adorable.
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Omg he's my U.B and I'm proud to say it he is so perfect!!!!
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I love NamJoon!! 馃挅馃
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