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Kpop Groups That Are Hard For You To Stan Or You Can't Get Into

Here is the link to the source --> [here or here] (first one is through Facebook.) These are the most seen Kpop groups that people have been mentioned. I personally did not make the list. This is all their opinions. And yes, I did count them all. I will copy and paste what some of the commenters have wrote down. Please do not be angry. This is their opinion on the certain group or band.

Girl Groups

Top 10 Most mentioned:

1) TWICE 2) Gfriend 3) SNSD 4) AOA 5) Lovelyz 6) 2NE1 7) SISTAR 8) Mamamoo//Red Velvet//EXID 9) f(x) 10) Apink

Some Comments:

"Gfriend- Not interested. Twice- I don't see why they get so much hype, would of probably been a fan if they had good vocals. Jungyeon and Momo are pretty cool though. Snsd- They have some good songs, and I like Taeyeon's solo songs, but i don't have much interest in them otherwise." "Twice. Don't get the hype, especially after hearing mr-removed vids. All I like is Momo's dance break in Like OohAhh that's it. :X" "Red Velvet. I just don't know why... they're kind of talented, I like some of their songs, but they seem fake to me , and their fans annoy me so much" "TWICE - hype + no vocal talent whatsoever (members are gorgeous though) Apink, Gfriend - cute concepts much? Lol I'm not into those concepts Lovelyz - anyone who knows about that Jisoo scandal would avoid this group (spoiler: she may be kpop's first bisexual & psycopath lol)"

Boy Groups

Top 10 Most Mentioned:

1) Ikon 2) EXO 3) BTS (Bangtan Boys) 4) BigBang 5) SEVENTEEN 6) GOT7 7) Super Junior 8) NCT (U) 9) INFINITE 10) BEAST

Some Comments:

"Super junior - just like... No boring band boring songs. Seventeen - boring all round" "Got7; the members seem nice but their music is way too boring (except for just right, that's a masterpiece right there)" "Bts I've tried...." "iKON for sure. I like some of their music, but I don't like their personalities/attitudes. Not saying their bad people (I do acknowledge they're extremely talented once you look past the main two) but their personality just doesn't go with me." "iKon, NCT - hype overkill imo EXO - I like their music, but something about the members seems oddly off Seventeen - too many members + overrated" "Twice and BTS (I used to be a BTS fan, and they have great songs, but the fans)"
Always remember that these are personal opinion of people. Lets share the love and not start random fanwars.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is accurate? Are some of these groups just not up to the taste of your music style?
I respect all these opinions but...when the reason for not liking a group is "their fans"... I don't see how the fans represent the artists and their talents. Not to mention there will always be crazies in fandoms, and those happen to be the loudest. Back to the question though. SNSD and AOA are the groups I have the biggest issue getting into. I like some of their songs, but out of a whole album (maybe 2) I only like one song. So not worth it (for me) to get into them like I do with other groups.
I'm happy to respect other people's opinions and there are a couple of these that I'm inclined to agree with, not saying which ones though because why the heck would I? It's my opinion, and it really doesn't need to be shared... However back to the comments by some of these people, I really dislike when anyone makes comments on things they aren't qualified to speak on, and make a statement like its a fact, when in truth it's just an opinion... And in the interest of not offending anyone here that's all I'm going to say :)
I respect everyone's opinions but I don't understand how anyone can not like Mamamoo. I never was into girl groups until i got introduced to Mamamoo. Now I stan them , they've got great personalities, are talented, and they don't care about their "idol" image and just be themselves. this is just my opinion😃
Eh, I'm definitely crazy so it's easy for me to like everything for a certain period of time before I slowly move on but a small part of what I was into before will always stay with me still.
everyone is allowed their opinions and I can understand some but I can't really agree with disliking a group bc of fans, like I understand fans can be overbearing but it's not the fault of the group, second I'm mostly into the music part of kpop so I don't feel like you should be biased against a group's music just bc you feel like their "personality" is weird but I guess that's more of a personal opinion Lol, to each there own I guess
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