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Lemme start of with Taeil. He looks so different with this look, like wow!
Jaehyun just looks straight up amazing!
Taeyong's jaw can cut a finger.
Mark's new hair style reminds me of Doyoung's in a way.
Winwin is my little baby, he looks older in this concept. I fell in love with him in Life in Seoul. He was so adorable.
I was laying down in bed, everyone in my house was asleep, when my scream was heard. I was so excited when I saw Yuta!
I wasn't expecting Donghyuk to debut, but I'm so so so glad he did. Just imagine the interviews! He's hilarious. I'll have to get used to his new name; Haechan
Even though Johnny and Hansol didn't debut this time I'm hoping they'll debut in the near future, along with Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung.
I'm excited for NCT 127! It looks like they have a "Dangerous/Bad boy" concept, but in reality they're all dorky marshmallows❤️ Im excited to see Yuta, Winwin, and Haechan! Congrats to our 3 new members and overall to all the members for debuting under NCT 127!