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Another birthday so soon :O Our cute maknae Hyukkie is yet again a year older this day.
I remember watching the debut videos when his international age was like...15 XD Now he's all grown up ㅠㅠ Starlight's and the members have all shared some very precious moments with Hyuk, and I feel so grateful to be able to see the moment's alongside everyone else. Hyuk has grown so much! He can no longer be called our cute little baby.....now he has become Man-Hyuk. (I am still fully in denial of that!!!! He is a cute little child!!!)
It is no secret, that in this dysfunctional little family Vixx is, Hyuk is the snotty little brother XD Teasing his hyungs is one of Hyuk's favorite things to do on camera, and he surely does it all the time!!!! Even at debut he would make tiny little jabs at whoever he was comfortable with, except now he is huge enough to carry and hit the members as much as he would like. Plus he's got a second snot to help him out :)
Hyuk is beyond amazing and all Starlight's really do appreciate everything he gives. I love this cutie and can't wait to hear and see more of him in these upcoming activities. Hyuk fighting! Vixx fighting!!
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I am also fully in denial. He is still fetus.