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A true story
last week at my Friends anine shop, he finally told me about the new BERSERK season n me and him completely happy, so he played the movies and the original show. and then a couple of kirito lovers happened to hear me and my friend fanboying over guts the black swordsman n those kirito lovers kinda thought we were talking about sao, i swear i laughed so hard when they came up to us trying to talk about sao, i litterally laughed in there faces, so being the cool guy that i am, i introduced them to guts and the third movie. i blew their minds and then i told them , "the black swordsman, isnt a pussy, he aint kirito, and kirito will never be the black swordsman". but all this trash talk is for a good reason, good characters/stories/animes/manga get washed away and become nothing. cause all the generic bullshit that is "new" and its "own thing" just takes away the spotlight and the hard work of the creater, and the loyal fanbase that just goes nowhere, and thats not fair, so if ya like sao/kirito then cool thats u but dont u fucken call him the black swordsman cause that title is earned ,that title has history, it has years of being built up and its still not as popular, the title has meaning so were still here waiting and hoping, while the rest have their one hit wonders and their seasons pouring out getting the spotlight, while we are waiting for the black swordsman to return
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Porque yo puedo hacer un comentarió si yo quiero .-.
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(۳ ಥ_ಥ)۳
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Anyways. it was great talking. @KiraHitomi maybe well meet again. in another time, on a different card. whit different circumstances. till then. have a great day.
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@deadmen0205 same I'm going to bed. Night!
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@mufasapetersen You're trying to start shot again aren't you
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