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Hey! It's your unicorn CuteBabyLay! How ya doin? I'm here to say that I'm the evil maknae and a mod supporter of the Super Junior Community! Every Friday I'll be posting with @TwistedPuppy! Now lets go find out more about me, shall we?
For starters I'm 15 years old and I'll be turning 16 on Nov 14 this year. I am the evil maknae and there's a reason evil is in it. I play pranks on others and I kill everyone with certain pictures of their bias. I listen to music all the time because I'm a bat and never leave my cave during the day. I'm a sophomore in high school. My bias in Super Junior is Leeteuk because he's really cute and his voice is like an angel. My skill that my friends love when I'm with them is my rapping. They say I sound like Mark or Jackson when I'm rapping. I'm also really crazy. I'm the last born of four kids.
I can't wait to officially start with the others members! We hope to see you all around! Let's tag the others! @TwistedPuppy @GamerKyumin @KokoroNoTakara @Kpossible4250
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OMG! We have so much in common! My bias in SJ is also Leeteuk and I'm the youngest in my family (I have one sister)!
that sapphire ocean is so beautiful ❤
Thx for the tag. One of my bias in SJ is also Leeteuk he is just so adorable and I love his dimples 😘😘😘🐥🐥🐥 and that ocean it really is beautiful I'm happy I got a little taste of that ocean last year but I really hope to one day attend a Super Show
Nice to meet you.